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January 2015

Doctor Love

23rd January 2015

If you're single in 2015, and looking for love Neil decides that he should try out the voice of the Walrus of Love, Mr Barry White (and fails) as he takes on the role of Doctor Love.  

However, Neil has some 'great' advice.... maybe you'd better decide for yourself after you've heard his tips and his qualifications for the advice are somewhat suspect!


Friday Frown

Listener Vinnie from Newquay suggested Neil's rant about queue jumping at the petrol station was a Friday Frown - we like that.

Listener Malcom from St Austell jumped in on the act...

... so now you'll know if you ever meet Malcolm at a petrol station!

Secret Sound Turnaround

And it seems resident contestant, Hayley Wilson, from Frogpool has hidden talents.  Have a listen:

If you can guess the sound she is challenging Neil and Tina with every weekday morning at 0720, then let them know your suggestion.  If they use it, and you're right, you could steal that day's cash.

Here's the sound:

Check out the wrong guesses so far here and find out how to tell the Breakfast Show team your guess.

Journey Through the Decades Party

It's back - our very popular listener';s parrty on Friday 27 March in Truro.

Don't forget to buy your tickets before they sell out.

Have a great weekend.

We're back on Monday, celebrating Australia Day and chancesto win the must-have album Now 89.

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Posted by Tina at 2:25pm

2014 Friday Flashback Forfeit

19th January 2015

Every Friday, Neil and Tina choose a song for Cornwall to decide which to play just before 7am.

Neil lost and listener, Kim suggested Neil does a dog agility course ... here's what happened!

Many thanks to Trudy Whitehead-Swann who is a fully qualified Canine Behaviourist and has been competing in agility for 15 years and Troy, a 12 year old Border Collie who is Grade 6 in agility and has been competing for 11 years. They are from and offer all sorts of training for puppies and dog agility for all abilities of dog  - and owner!

They cover all aspects of training Puppy Socialisation, Puppy Agility, Obedience, Agility (beginners through to competition) and also Behaviour Problems. Their dedicated puppy website is and find out more by email us using the contact forms on our websites, email / or call Beth on 07468 532900. 

Thanks also to Paula from Limelite Costume Hire in Truro for the loan of the doggy hat!

Clearly it was great fun for Tina, perhaps not so for Neil!

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Posted by Tina at 6:42am

'The Hole' in Scorrier, Redruth

16th January 2015

hole1After all the travel disruption on the A30 yesterday from Chiverton Cross to Redruth, Neil and Tina talk to Cornwall Consultants Mining Expert, Nick Petit about the hole at Scorrier.

If you missed it, listen here:

Thankfully Nick eased Neil's mind over 'Aliens' and gave us expert advice on the causes, taught us about sink-holes, and explained the probably next steps!!

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Posted by Tina at 10:44am

Rescue Me....

12th January 2015

After a lad used twitter to get rescued with loo paper on a train, we asked you for your rescue me stories - Cornwall - you didn't disappoint.

Here's Tami - who has a guardian angel ...

and Josh from Truro, helped a fellow surfer ...

Maximum respect to all who unselfishly help others ... another lovely story was for the Cornwall Search and Rescue team, assisting in a St Day rescue last night locating a missing person.

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Posted by Tina at 11:11am

Kickboxing Gran takes on Neil

7th January 2015

Sharon Garner, a gran of 7 from Penzance, says kickboxing has cured her depression.  She, along with coach Nathan from Touchgloves Kickboxing visited Neil and Tina in the studio today.

Have a listen to their inspirational story:

... and here's the short video of Sharon (and tina) taking on the pads...and Neil !!

Inspired by Sharon?  Then you could get a half-price martials arts tuition here at Maher's Martial Arts Academy in Truro.

Happy Sparring!


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Posted by Tina at 12:44pm

Neil gets a Healthcheck

6th January 2015

Neil gets a health checkWeight gain

Have a listen to the moment that Neil finds out that actually, he is not as fit as a fiddle.


The scales read 14st 5lb this morning so not too bad compared to 6 months ago, but his blood pressure was a little high!

And it seems he needs to see a physio for his "hurty leg"  before he commences his London Marathon training in earnest - no more cheese for the overweight with high blood pressure, former athlete!

Secret Sound Turnaround

Penny Clarke from Rilla Mill, near Callington is our first Secret Sound Turnaround contestant. She's foxed us so far with her sound on Day 1.

Have a listen.


If you think you know what the Secret Sound Turnaround is, then let Neil and Tina know, and if they use your guess, then maybe you'll steal the daily tenner in cash....

Text 07807225102 or email or tweet @PirateFM of leave a message on our Facebook page.

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