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Pasty in a Can, and Speed limits for squirrels - Were you fooled?

1st April 2014

Pasty in a can, and speed limits to help furry creature fornicate. If you were listening to Pirate FM this morning, chances are you were thinking the world was going mad...

But as many of you noticed, it was indeed part of our plans to fool you, as of course it's April Fools Day!

First of all, Neil and Tina were talking about the new speed limits that have been introduced for walkers and joggers in woods and rural areas across Cornwall - to help the local squirrel population to breed.

Listeners were told that they would end up with a £20 on-the-spot fine if they were caught breaking the 5mph limit from today. This prompted much debate and reaction from listeners, including reports that there was a gentleman at Tehidy woods who was warning dog walkers as they arrived for their morning walk.

Pasty in a Can April Fools FB Post

Meanwhile, we also started a new advertising campaign on the radio, advertising a brand new product to come from Bodmin Foods - the Pasty in a Can!

As well as the great advert on the radio, we also released a photograph of a billboard in London, advertising the new delicacy on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Neil and James Dundon with the Pasty in a Can...There was a few that fell for it, including @Littlewhitealic who tweeted: "No I can't believe they have put the pasty in a can!! Shocking."

Also, @Click_Write Tweeted: "a crime!", whilst Lewis Hawkins on Facebook said: "What on earth!!!", and the great sports at Warrens Bakery admitted: "Oh no, you're revealed our new secret product in development! We have a spy in the ranks!!"

Also on Facebook, Chris Rogers said "Will never beat our fresh ansum pasty"

Of course, not everyone was fooled. Including Kerry Webber who posted: "I was trying to think if this was nice or not then thought, oh u silly cow it's a Aprils fool", and Lianne-Carla Savage how delared "April fool but the though of it did make me heave a little!".

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