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Rugby in Cornwall

2nd March 2016

Should Rugby be limited to non-contact sport below the age of 18?

In the news today, medical professionals have written an open letter to Ministers calling for Rugby below the age of 18 to be limited to tag rugby.

Neil, passionate about the sport, though not a player, has a heritage of a Grandfather that played for the Pirates and Cornwall and believes that as the Cornish National sport, the game should be left alone.  Tina's view as a parent is that the medical experts must have statistics which support their advice, and once we didn't wear seat belts, but do now, so maybe things should change, as the international game is brutal.

Here's Dave from Camborne:

Here's a selection of the texts:

This is 2016 and it's not a case of trying to wrap our children up in cotton wool, it's a case of we are wiser now. How would you like your child with life changing injuries because of rugby. Elaine xx

Children lead increasingly sedentary and socially isolated lives, social media/TV/computer games etc so I would encourage any physical activity that encourages social interaction/discipline and physical fitness.

Nooooo you can't stop tackling in rugby, they will kill off the game and that can't happen! If anything they need to open rugby up to more people, I play rugby for a local women's team were all different ages and sizes, it's brilliant! Lauren in Saltash

I've played rugby since I was 4, contact since I was 9, I'm now 26/27 and on the whole have had no real injury problems. If players are coached properly there shouldn't be a problem. The biggest problem with modern rugby of that the emphasise is on size and power and not skill. I'm only 5ft 8" and just over 12st but I tackle correctly so the side of a player doesn't bother me but I've been coached and grown up playing contact rugby. Players think they can play like the pros straight away and that's s big problem. Also players are trying to bulk up from too young an age so their bodies aren't being allowed to develop properly to prevent injury!

Debs and Gary had different views:

and Chinny got the final word in :

We certainly touched a nerve today - have you got a view? 

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