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Wednesday 20th March 2013 - First Day of Spring

20th March 2013

Brainteaser: 33% of us still use one of these - what is it?

Answers included cheques (thanks Michelle in Troon); teapot; handkerchiefs (Debbie); Keith said Vinyl; and popular answers included fountain pen, maps and manual toothbrushes.  Amongst those getting it right included Ben Mayo from Penzance with the answer of a video recorder.

It's the First Official Day of Spring - so what have you done recently for the first time?Tina Knitting

Sunrise on the First Day of Spring 2013Neil saw the sunrise and heard the birds singing before we started the show this morning...and Tina has taken up a new hobby, inspired by the Graffiti Grannies, in order to teach her daughter, knitting!  Kirsty and mum Shirley have just finished a patchwork quilt, and Joy 's made a roman blind.  Neil took a lot of stick for saying that he couldn't see the point when you can just buy a jumper!  Still, Dan says he's a 30 year old man who can knit and the Roadrunner suggested Tina knots a bikini - not with 15mm needles - the holes are way TOOOOO big!!

£1000 Minute

And for the third day in a row, we had a score of 7/10 from John Hanniford in Foxhole.  Don't forget, we still haven't played the World's Easiest Thousand Pound Minute.  Download all ten questions and ALL ten answers and listen for your chance to register to play to win.

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