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Wednesday 23rd January

23rd January 2013

On this morning's Breakfast Show, Neil and Tina decided they didn't like Surf Jamie's suggestion that they be called Nina or Teil.

The Brainteaser caught everyone out this morning.  Ann from Camborne thought that 'Given the option to change our lives in some way, 25% of us would ..." change part of their body!  She'd change her legs, but Neil refused to tell Tina which part of his body he would change!  The answer is that one in four of us would travel into the future! The CD prize piles rolls over to tomorrow.

Joey Dadge from Camborne took her chances on the £1000 minute as she travelled to see family, scoring 3 out of 10, but she'd have done loads better if she'd heard the 3 answers revealed at 0755 before the news.  Your next chance is to play at 0820 tomorrow morning - you get loads of help through the show and tyou could walk away with a grand in your hand.

Neil, gleefullytina-old-woman informed Tina that she was looking a bit tired and wrinkled!  Tina wasn't too impressed - its after research that 3.30pm on a Wednesday is when women look their oldest!

Was Neil too harsh on Tina?

Listen here


And you can judge for yourself!



After hearing all about the man in Cyprus who mistakenly took a bomb to a police station, we asked Cornwall if anyone had ever mistaken something for something else.  We had loads of stories, some too graphic for our delicate stomachs at the breakfast table, including one which would have had the headline "My Dad ate my poo".

Megan used nail varnish remover on her face instead of make-up remover - ouch!

Kate mistook a brush for a hedgehog, in front of all her family.

Brian visited his poorly wife in hospital, placing flowers beside her bed, leant over and tenderly kissed her, and only realised it was a different woman, when the lady opened her eyes... his wife was sat upright chatting in the next bay of beds!

Tony jumped in his mate's car for a lift, only to find it was strangers who had stopped to look at a map - must have thought he was a car-jacker!

Thanks for all your stories.Neil Caddy was caught rocking out to Guns and Roses in the studio.

And finally, Neil was caught rocking out in the studio to Guns-n-Roses - Sweet child of mine. Check out his moves!

Neil and Tina - we'll back tomorrow!

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