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Wednesday 30th January 2013

30th January 2013

Student Filth?  Brainteaser questionThis morning - we proved that pretty much all of us don't think very highly of students!

Student Filth?

The Brainteaser: 78% of students have never done what?

The answers ranged from washing - both clothes and themselves, cooking from scratch, bought a round in the pub, been sober, ironing, unblocked the loo, had a full-time job, boiled an egg or changed their sheets - you can see the trend!

The answer: 78% of students have never smoked!  Well done to all those students and the CD prize rolls over to tomorrow.

And hello to Mitchel Wickenden whose mum Tracey texted "how dare they! My son is 15yrs old, he has a bath every night, has done his own laundry since he was 10 and has been cooking dinner for the past 6 months as im in bed with a slipped disc, he does everything! im so proud of you ! from Tracey x"

The Thousand Pound Minute

This morning's contestant on the Thousand Pound Minute was Tate Richardson from Mevagissey, a maths and English lecturer at Truro College. Have alisten to how he got on...was Tina a meanie?


And we love our partner's don't we?

And our X-rated talker this morning was our partner's most annoying habits after an online survey revealed the top 3 complaints as:

Men about Women Women about Men
28% claim their partner is whiney 19% say their partner is lazy
13% think thier partner's body is unattractive 15% believe their partner is a cheapskate
9% say they nag too much 13% claim their man is whiney





We're back tomorrow from 6am!

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