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Wednesday 6th March

6th March 2013


Tina foxed Cornwall with the question...

What do 1% of us do a thousand times a week, but 25% of us only do 200 times?  Wrong answers included Michelle in Troon, who thought it was "saying sorry".  Sorry Michelle!  You're not right!!  Neither was it saying "Thank you", trumping, arguing with the missus, checking out our reflections in a mirrot (teenagers being the 1% obviously!).

The answer was to 'driving a mile' - so in essence...1%  of UK motorists drive a thousand miles a week!

Daring actions...

So yesterday, Neil and Tina went to donate a pint of blood.

Neil and Tina do a blood donation


and then we saw this video...


So it got us thinking, for some people holding a spider or doing a parachute jump is very daring, what's the most daring thing you've done?

Listen to callers Karen ....Neil and Tina signature

and Kate


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