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Shining A Light On Energy Saving

11th May 2016

It has been a while since Pablo did an energy review at Pirate FM so this month he is crunching some numbers and trying to spot the areas where we can do better. As part of his information gathering quest, he is reminding staff of the individual actions they can take to reduce consumption and save money.

Bosses have already seen a reduction in bills at Pirate Towers as a result of Pablo's energy saving campaigns. Looking first of all at our office based activities and the electric they consume, these are the tips our eco bear has been dishing out:  

1.  Turn off the lights when you leave a room and use natural light where you can. Making a switch to LED lighting and using movement sensors will significantly reduce consumption and costs. Encourage your managers to look at the options.

2. Make sure your computer is shut down at the end of the day and your monitor is turned off.

3. Do not use the air con unless you really have to. Strip off a layer, open windows, keep topped up on water and if it really is too warm then make sure the temperature is set to 18 degrees minimum and close all the windows. Remember to turn the unit off after use or at the end of the day!

4. Switch off equipment at the wall at the end of the day and only have phone chargers switched on when they are in use. You can install timers to make life easier.

5. Use the eco-mode on the office dishwasher and only switch it on when it is full or at the end of the day.

6. Ask if an instant hot water heater can be installed in the kitchen, instead of boiling and re-boiling the kettle. It will save money on the inevitable breakdowns from heavy use and buying a low energy model will save money on the electric bill too.

7. Do you really need a vending machine in the office? They can often be full of unhealthy snacks and are a huge drain on electric. At Pirate FM we have sent ours back and the lovely Ella, our receptionist, runs a tuck shop stocked with requests from staff and sometimes the odd healthy option too.

Some statistics to ponder from the Carbon Trust :

*Office lights left on overnight use enough energy to heat a home for almost five months

*A photocopier on standby overnight uses enough energy to make 30 cups of tea

*A computer left on overnight creates enough CO2 to fill a double decker bus

You can get more ideas below:

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