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For The Love Of Cornwall

26th April 2016

In March Pablo was nominated for a Clean Cornwall "For The Good Of Cornwall Award" in recognition of his hard work to help protect Cornwall.

Launched by a "Face Of Cornwall" campaign, the competition was stiff and Clean Cornwall have announced that an elderly man from Newquay, who has dedicated his time to keeping his town neat and tidy, has won.


Mr Gilbert Wilton is in his late 80's and has, for the past 50 years, been tirelessly tidying the streets and pavements of the town where he was born. Every day he is seen weeding, trimming hedges and picking up litter - he walks miles in all weathers.

Simon Osborne, a nearby neighbour to Mr Wilton, first suggested to well-known community campaigner Jon Goodman that Mr Wilton should be nominated for this award. Jon told us why; "It is really simple. Mr Wilton actually does Clean Cornwall for the love of Cornwall." Simon and Jon shared their support for Mr Wilton via a Newquay community Facebook page run by Jon and a further 225 people joined them in nominating Mr Wilton. Comments included:

"Mr Wilton is a treasure to our community and we would like him to know this.His pride in his environment has been noticed by others and is an inspiration. It is easy to walk past litter and be annoyed by its presence but his actions have reminded many that we can all make a difference ourselves."

"Mr Wilton is simply a legend who deserves recognition for all that he does in the community come rain or shine, a gentleman, selfless, kind, caring, a credit to all generations, a true unsung hero.  Thank you Gilbert!"

Commenting on behalf of Clean Cornwall and the judges for this Award, Roger Catchpole from North Hill Community Litter Project and Clean Cornwall volunteer representative said: "We have been humbled by the many nominations that we received for Mr Wilton and all the appreciative words that have been said about him. There is clearly a huge amount of community support and pride in Mr Wilton and we are very much in agreement with the town of Newquay that Mr Wilton is an inspiration to us all and very much deserves this recognition."

Jon Goodman and Annette Miles (Mr Wilton's neighbour) joined Clean Cornwall to thank Mr Wilton on behalf of the town.

"Sharing this Award with Mr Wilton was our way to let him know just how much his community respects and values him. Watching him receive this Award left us in very little doubt about how much it meant to him.  It was emotional for us all but thankfully Mr Wilton lightened the moment with a joke about how this Award now meant that he would have to 'keep going on doing what he does, no excuses!'."
The award launched as part of Clean Cornwall's 'Faces of Cornwall' which seeks to celebrate committed individuals, businesses and groups from across the county who are helping to keep Cornwall beautiful and free from litter.

Members of the public were invited to nominate individuals and groups in their communities for the role they play in protecting the local neighbourhoods that matter to them.

Pablo was touched to be nominated and is happy with his Thank You card



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