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VIDEO: Say No To Single Use

17th August 2016

Pablo has been delighted to hear that this week Cornwall is leading the way in calling for more action on litter from plastic bottles and other drinks containers.

Surfers Against Sewage has launched the “Message In A Bottle campaign, calling for the introduction of a Deposit Return System (DRS) for plastic bottles and other drinks containers across the UK.  Do you remember taking pop bottles back to the local shop and collecting 10p for your efforts as a child? Well, it could be on its way back.

The Statistics

38.5 million plastic bottles and 59 million cans are used every day in the UK

20,000 single-use drinks containers have been collected at SAS beach cleaning events over the last year.

The Marine Conservation Society’s 2015 Beachwatch survey identified 159 plastic bottles for every mile of beach surveyed across the UK. 

Plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down, eventually fragmenting into microscopic plastic fibers but remaining a threat to our environment and wildlife.   

Keep Britain Tidy reckon cleaning up litter costs taxpayers almost £1 billion a year in the UK.

The Campaign

The Message In A Bottle campaign has three distinct actions. Firstly, a petition calling for Deposit Return Systems across the UK, which will be submitted to Surfers Against Sewage’s All Party Parliamentary Group and the devolved Governments in summer 2017. 

This will be followed by a traditional letter writing campaign targeting elected members of the UK parliaments calling for DRSs to feature in National Litter Strategies.

Finally, social media actions will be aimed at reminding the brands responsible for producing these products that their bottles and cans often end up on our beaches and asking them to support DRSs across the UK.   

Surfers Against Sewage hope a simple circular economy DRS will ensure containers are returned to the manufacturer for reuse or recycling, protect our environment, conserve a valuable resource and potentially deliver dramatic savings for small businesses and local authorities. 

How Would It Work?

A small deposit of between 10-20p is added to the price of drinks containers.  Consumers can easily reclaim their deposit by returning the container to collection points.  The deposit added to containers will not cost consumers a penny -assuming they return the container.

Where do DRSs work?  Across Europe there are 150 million people living with successful DRSs across 11 countries such as Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands and many more throughout America, Australia and other countries worldwide. 

Hugo Tagholm, CEO, Surfers Against Sewage said: “Surfers Against Sewage’s Message In A Bottle campaign calls for the introduction of a nationwide deposit return system to protect our oceans, beaches and countryside from plastic pollution. 

“Plastic bottles and other single-use containers litter our precious beaches and countryside in alarming numbers.  Deposit return systems are a proven way of trapping these plastics and other materials in the economy rather than the environment, both conserving valuable resources and protecting our unique wild spaces.

“In countries where deposit return systems are already in place, up to 98% of plastic bottles are recovered for recycling, compared to around 56% here in the UK. The relatively small deposit of between 10-20p on bottles acts as an effective economic incentive, and won’t cost the customer anything when they return the container correctly. 

“A deposit return system for the UK is the logical, effective and powerful next step in turning the tide on the marine litter crisis. With 38.5 million plastic bottles and 59 million cans being consumed every day in the UK, the need and urgency for more radical recycling and reuse action is growing by the day. Please support Surfers Against Sewage’s Message In A Bottle campaign today.”

Find out more:

Watch video below from Rame Peninsula Beach Care highlighting the scale of plastic pollution on our beaches:




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