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5 Ways to Romantically Surprise Your Partner After Your Wedding

2nd June 2020

Your wedding day is a day full of excitement, emotion, and love, and something that you have been building up to for many months. The thought of such a wonderfully romantic day coming to an end can be disheartening, but just because it isn’t your wedding day doesn’t mean that the romance has to stop. There are many ways that you can keep the flame alight, and one such way is by surprising your newlywed with a romantic gift or two. Here are five ways you can show your partner how much you love them days, weeks, and years after your wedding.

Let’s Talk About Male Insecurities

1st June 2020

Men can feel insecure about all sorts of things, and it is important to both recognise these emotional responses as legitimate and also encourage people to talk about them openly in order to help process them in a healthy way. Here is a look at the common insecurities that impact men and the other ways the negativity can manifest itself.

Increase in Online Scams: What to Look Out for and How to Avoid Them

29th May 2020

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to anybody using online services. Criminals use a variety of tricks to convince customers to hand over their cash. A number of new and unexpected scams have appeared, and Brits have lost millions to acts of fraud that could have been avoided if the victims knew what to look out for. Below are the top three rules to remember.

Argyle Hoping to Keep Hold Impressive Loanee for Another Season

29th May 2020

With Josh Grant adding some quality in midfield, and Ryan Hardie excelling in the role of super sub, Ryan Lowe's use of the loan market was key to the Pilgrim's rise up the table. However, it was goalkeeper Alex Palmer's match-winning performances which caught the eye, and Argyle fans will be desperately hoping to see the West Brom loanee back in green next season.

What is Encryption?

29th May 2020

The term encryption refers to a method of scrambling data to ensure that only parties who are granted access are able to understand it, making readable data appear completely random. Technically speaking, it is the way in which plaintext is converted into ciphertext. The process requires an encryption key, which is a set of mathematical values that all authorized parties know. Successful encryption relies upon a very complex code to ensure that it is not at risk of being decrypted by brute force.


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