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10 Predictions for 2020 - A New Decade in Hospitality

29th January 2020

As we plunge into a new decade, hospitality leaders are sharing their forecast for this industry. The new year brings new challenges and trends, which can make or break your business. Here are top 10 predictions for 2020 in the hospitality industry that you should consider, so you can stay competitive in the sector.


1)      A continuing rise in vegan and vegetarian diets

Veganism is gaining more ground, as more and more people choose to cut the meat, fish, eggs and dairy from their diets. In Great Britain there are around 600,000 vegans and the number continues to grow day by day. Restaurants who want to stay on top of their game in 2020 need to adjust to this trend and cater for their vegan and vegetarian clients, by stocking their high quality commercial freezers, as available at FFD, with fresh vegetables.


2)      New heights reached for meatless meats

While veganism is on the rise, so is the trend of the meatless meat products. Commercial kitchens are now responding to the meatless revolution by stocking on burgers and other types of foods which are meatless meats. We predict a rise in the variety of new and innovative meatless products available. 


3)      Further emphasis on the reduction of single use plastics

The new generation is very environmentally friendly and aware, so it makes sense to ban single use plastics, especially since millennials are now in leading positions in many companies. Trying to save the world, one plastic fork at a time, might not sound like much, but it is. And restaurants and pubs which are going to embrace this trend are going to thrive in the new decade.


4)      Increased domination of food delivery companies and app-based food orders

People are working harder and longer than ever, which leaves them with very little time. This gave birth to a new type of food business: the food delivery app-based company. Anyone can now shop for food online and get their meal delivered to their doorsteps. For a restaurant or a pub, this means that you need to come up with new ways to attract customers. Some entrepreneurs are now offering delivery services for their clients, while others rely on promotions and special offers to remain competitive.


5)      An increase in dark kitchens

Dark kitchens are now a trend all around the world. The term is used to define a company which sells food exclusively through deliveries. Dark kitchens are often called ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens, the concept being a highly popular one. With a further increase in popularity for food deliveries, a surge in dark kitchens is a natural progression.


6)      Pubs offering more diverse menus

Pubs are coming under more and more pressure and each year the number of closures is growing. To avoid this, entrepreneurs are now offering more diverse menus. High quality commercial refrigeration as provided by the UK’s leading supplier FFD, can now help pub owners to provide a wide range of meals to their clients, thanks to the versatility of their equipment. This is one of the most popular ways to stay relevant in such a competitive market, so investing in high quality kitchen refrigeration is vital.


7)      Increased use of local, seasonal produce

As people are becoming more aware of how they live and their impact on the environment, they also want to consume local produce. This is one of the trends we've seen growing from year to year and with the political changes in UK, it is expected to grow more. Brexit is going to fuel this trend, so pub and restaurant owners need to source more local products. This is a win-win situation, as the client is going to receive fresh products at a good price, while the entrepreneur is going to be recognised for their healthy, fresh meals and support for local farmers.


8)      A surge in low or no alcohol drinks

One of the big trends discussed by hospitality entrepreneurs is low alcohol drinks. In the last years more and more companies have embraced this trend and came up with delicious selections of low alcohol drinks or non-alcoholic beverages. In UK the trend probably started among the youngest generations when low alcohol beers became more popular and socially acceptable. Apart from beers, there are also other types of drinks with 0% alcohol, such as craft whiskey-like drinks. Dark beers joined the trend, as well as draught, all with zero alcohol. The trend is going to continue in the next few years, as new generations are now embracing a wholesome lifestyle, where alcohol plays a diminishing role.


9)      Even more technology

High tech trends are reshaping the way commercial kitchens look and work. Advanced programs can calculate how much time is needed to prepare the entire course and serve the customer, the ingredients can be counted and subtracted from the kitchen inventory automatically and the customer can rate their meal right away, on a tablet device embedded in the table. These are just some of the things which can happen in a high-tech restaurant. The more technology you have in your kitchen, the more competitive your business is, so you need to embrace this new trend and see how can you automate as many operations as possible in your restaurant. The more technology you have in your workplace, less employees you need to run things smoothly, which may seem like a good thing, but remember there is nothing like a human touch when it comes to attention to the details.


10)  Continuing success of pop-ups whether as a temporary/seasonal business or used a tool to test the market.

In the last years the number of the so called ‘pop-ups’ in hospitality saw an increase. Many of the entrepreneurs of these venues are just trying to test the market, looking to see if their business model is functional, while others just want to develop a seasonal business. One of the reasons for this new trend is that a pop-up has less overheads costs and seems to be more profitable on short term.

Staying relevant on a highly dynamic market is not an easy task, so you need to look for the thing which is going to provide you with an advantage, so you can be one step further than your competition.

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