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3 Key Tips for Renting Student Accommodation

21st January 2019

When students are studying in a city or town that they are not familiar with, it is important that they move to the right location and receive advice when it comes relocating.  The research in advance is key to this success.  Money is clearly a factor in this when students already have a lot of other committed debts which include potential student loans.

Here are some of the tips on student accommodation.

Rented Apartments

The most common type of accommodation that students will move into is rented accommodation.  This can be on their own or even teamed up with people.  The person with the lease in their name will be fully accountable in terms of ensuring payment is made and the condition the property is kept in.  If the payment defaults or the property is not kept in good condition then you could face eviction or even legal action.  You need to be able to trust the people you are staying with in terms of them keeping up with payments in order to not put your own stay at risk.  There will be many adverts online in terms of where to find potential student apartments or even people looking for others to share with them.  Make sure if you choose to share with people you don’t know, you meet up with them beforehand to help with your decision making.

Use an External Company

Why not get the help of the professionals?  There are companies out there such as Collegiate that specialise in supporting students through this difficult process.   This company are the experts who not only support students with getting the correct accommodation, but offer a more quality experience that is beyond finding some random flat in a city. The Collegiate apartments will have things like student break out areas, common rooms and even a cinema.  You will be amongst a group of people who are in the same situation as you and generally “amongst friends”.  It is therefore really easy for you to get good student advice nearby and support on almost anything.  The actual rooms themselves are of high quality and on some promotions, you may even find yourself receiving a “wellbeing pack”.  The accommodation that Collegiate has is dotted all around Europe.

Credit Search

Depending on how this is being paid for, expect potential credit search completed against you.  This is nothing to worry about but to make sure you don’t have poor credit history.  You can check out your credit history online using several different companies where you will get an overall score out of 1000 but also a full credit file.  Checking this in advance will allow you to understand the likelihood of any issues but also check the report for full credibility and ensure there are no errors that could detrimentally affect you.

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