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4 Tools to Streamline Every Legal Case

18th December 2018

Most professionals in the legal sector would love to increase the efficiency of their cases. Whether they do this through time management or document filing, there are many digital aids which can help with every aspect, from case management software to communication systems. This article will seek to improve your business’s efficiency by suggesting popular digital tools that could help you to streamline every legal case.

Legal Search Engines

Legal search engines such as Casetext are a relatively recent and sometimes overlooked tool which can help to streamline your legal cases. By searching their database of millions of statutes and regulations, you will be able to find the documents that you need among millions of legal authorities. However, Casetext’s innovation is its use of artificial intelligence technology, which quickens the pace of your legal research by being 25% faster than other traditional tools. Its use of AI also helps to streamline your case by finding the most relevant search results quickly.

Case Management Software

Case management software can also be the easiest way to maintain a lot of information in one place and control many different aspects from a central interface. There are many different reasons why people may use case management software, from delegating workflow to tracking the course of the case. For probate cases, may be the answer as it allows you to auto-populate forms, manage payments and produce a shared diary for your entire firm. You will be able to track your time management and resources, leading to increased efficiency. Through applications like these, you will be able to combine your document, financial and matter management without having to invest in multiple devices. Therefore, you can combine many tools in one while saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Digitising Tools

Adobe Acrobat is an extremely useful resource to increase efficiency as it digitises documents. One of the essential elements that it features is having a handy bookmarking feature which allows you to easily navigate through thousands of documents on your system to quickly find the page that you are looking for. This saves a lot of time-consuming hassle with paper files while enabling you to upload documents from scratch.

Video Converters

Converting videos from another format can be a technological struggle, one that can take many hours of exasperation. However, useful sites like Handbrake, a free multi-platform video transcoder, is another tool that could help you to streamline your legal case when it comes to footage. Handbrake can be used to digitise video files from almost any original format and can compress these without losing much of the original video quality. Using tools like these speeds up frequently complicated processes, allowing you to spend more time on the case.

These are just some of the tools that can help you to streamline your legal case and make your law firm more efficient. Although legal professionals are often renowned for keeping to traditional methods, these simple tools can make it easy for you to scrap paper files and go entirely digital.

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