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4 Ways to Enhance Your Career in Radio

3rd October 2019

A career in radio can be fulfilling and exciting, but it can also be somewhat challenging for those who don’t have extensive industry experience. If you’ve been working at an entry-level radio job or you’re considering a career in radio, you’re probably wondering what steps you can take to find the highest-paying and most prestigious jobs in radio. While there are never any guarantees, there are certain career improvement efforts that will help you improve your odds of being hired for the most sought-after jobs in radio. For starters, here are 4 ways you can make more money and build more of a brand for yourself as a radio professional.

1. Improve Your CV

If you plan on applying for a new job in radio and you already have some experience under your belt, it’s important for you to effectively highlight that expertise and any other relevant skills or credentials you have within an optimised and professionally formatted CV. This step is easier said than done, though, as you typically need a decent amount of skill to format and design a CV that looks professional. Fortunately, you can use an online tool like My Perfect CV to drastically simplify the process.

2. Broaden Your Geographical Horizons

If you’re only looking in your local area for radio jobs, your options are probably severely limited. There are radio stations all over the UK and the world, so you might need to start looking in other areas if your top priority is to increase your income. While relocating will represents an upfront expense, you can rent a room to make the move relatively affordable and then upgrade to a nice apartment or house once your new jobs starts to pay off.

3. Look for Jobs in Satellite and Web-Based Radio

Conventional radio stations now represent a small portion of the total number of stations because satellite radio and the internet have created so many platforms for independent radio stations and shows. The ease of starting a new satellite or internet-based radio station means that there are always new stations who are looking for help, and many times they’re willing to pay well to secure the right job candidate.

4. Start Your Own Podcast or Station

As mentioned, there’s always the option of starting your own station or podcast if you’d rather go the entrepreneurial route and be in full control. However, be aware that taking this approach will require patience, because it may take a while for you to build up a decent amount of repeat listeners. Of course, the upside is that you also would be in the position to pay yourself a great salary after your endeavour has gained some momentum.

It Takes Time and Consistency

Regardless of which route you take, be aware that it may take some time for your career in radio to really take off. Remember that the most established radio personalities are those that have been around for many years.

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