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4 Ways to Look Stylish as a Student

20th March 2019

A stroll through any university town will showcase some of the most trendy and well-dressed people in any country. Students are often some of the most vibrantly and artistically-dressed people around, and so many people want to know their secret. Whether you’re currently a student, or you’re hoping to attend university in the new academic year, our handy guide below will show you how you can look stylish (and often on a budget) as a student.

Statement pieces

As students live on often a smaller income than working professionals, they usually reserve their hard-earned bar tips for a one-off, unique piece of clothing. A student who can’t get enough shoes will possibly splurge on a nice pair of boots; one who loves a lavish coat that shows off their figure will spend their money on something that would otherwise be out of their budget. Spending money wisely on clothing means that your attention will be drawn to the best item. If you resonate with those who love a good coat for the spring, then hunting through for a jacket that will be your spring and summer staple is a great place to begin.

Charity shopping

A lack of disposable income means that most department stores are out of bounds for large sections of the year. So, where can you find clothing that’s classic, but doesn’t break the bank? Charity shops, of course! Many people who have moved into the world of work might recoil at the idea of wearing someone else’s clothing. However, this is a misconception. Charity shops want to make a profit, so they reserve clothing that’s in the best condition for their racks. The first rail you hunt through might not deliver the goods, but the thrill is in the chase.

Go bargain hunting

Students are the best sale-chasers, and that’s because they have to be. After charity shops, sales are a student’s best friend. By avoiding the most on-trend and expensive items that are at the front of fashion outlets, you avoid looking too try-hard. What makes students look so trendy is their focus on what’s the best-looking item for the best bargain. By looking through one-off or periodical sales, you’ll find perfectly good-looking items for a fraction of the price.

Live a little

One thing that makes students look so happy and trendy is that they are entirely care-free. While they’re enjoying the most responsibility-free period of their life, they also have the mindset of living in the moment. That means wearing that bright pink lipstick you’re too afraid to wear, getting a dip-dye with pink ends and wearing a bold-print dress. If you have the mindset of ‘who cares?’ you’ll find your wardrobe begins to live a little too.

Whether you get your fashion tips from Goldsmiths in London or Cambridge University, the key to dressing like a student is keeping an eye on your budget and being a little fearless. The next time you visit a charity shop or sale rack and think ‘Oh, but I can’t get away with that,’ remember that students are probably thinking otherwise!

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