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4 Ways to Update Your Conservatory Interior

29th March 2019

Now that spring is finally approaching, more of us are inclined to venture into our conservatories and make the most of the warm sunshine that seeps through the glass panels to be nearer to the outdoors. However, as this extra room in the home is typically only used for part of the year, you may have realised that the space is in desperate need of an update. If you’re keen on renovating your conservatory but have no clue where to start, here are some useful tips and tricks to change up the living space and give it more of a homely feel:

Make full use of colour

As your conservatory consists mainly of glass, it can be difficult to make full use of colours and tones. This is where you need to use your imagination and find ways to integrate colour subtly into the decor. Whether it be within the flooring or furnishings, adding hints of colour to this room can make the space much more inviting.

Many conservatories have brick wall interiors due to being attached to the house. So, it would be a good idea to have the back wall plastered so you can either paint or wallpaper it and add some bold design.

A DIY plastering job can be achieved, but it’s important you research and complete the job using a step-by-step basis to prevent any disasters. For instance, before the plastering can take place, you need to coat the walls with an internal primer or bonding agent to ensure the plastering is smooth on porous surfaces. All of the solutions you need to accomplish a professional plastering job can be found at

Bring the outdoors in

For those who love the outdoors, a conservatory is a real haven to enjoy your garden at any time of year. With this in mind, why not bring the outdoors in, by inviting a hint of greenery into your décor? You may simply decide to add a potted plant to the table or even a large palm tree in the corner of the room as an eye-catching feature. What’s great, is that this simple décor update won’t be too costly.

Choose unique lighting

Your conservatory is one of the lightest rooms in the home; however, once the sun goes in, it can be difficult to know how to light the room appropriately. One unique idea would be to invest in lantern-style lighting fittings to be placed on the floor or hanging up, or you could even have fairy lights draped from the ceiling for that extra cosy feel when it falls dusk.

Use accessories

 Adding the correct accessories to your conservatory can create a snug ambience to what could otherwise be a rather cold and uninviting space. Use cushions and blankets in abundance to your sofas and chairs, so your conservatory becomes a place for relaxation, rather than entertaining. You may even decide to make the space more personalised by creating your cushion covers.

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