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5 Tips for Running A Great Conference

28th January 2020

A conference can be arranged in many situations and to achieve a multitude of things. Although most prevalent in the world of corporate business, there is no set right or wrong when it comes to how you should run a conference. However, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure you run the best conference possible. 


But, before looking at the best ways to run a great conference, it’s important to understand firstly, what a conference is. 


·         What Is A Conference? 


The definition of a conference is as follows… a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days. Although a conference is stereotypically linked with the business/corporate industry, they can be used to promote and share less formal information. 


·         Top 5 Tips For Running A Great Conference: 


Location, Location, Location 


When hosting a conference, the location of the venue is absolutely key. For example, if you’re hosting a conference where you target audience or required participants are people that live in the Midlands, it makes sense to book a conference venue in the Midlands.


Having a venue that is easily accessible, both via driving and public transport, as well as ensuring that there is ample nearby parking makes it much easier for people to attend. It may be surprising, but a vast amount of people will be extremely reluctant to travel somewhere if there is no suitable parking nearby. 


Similarly, for conferences that run over multiple days, it’s important to ensure that there are accommodation options in the area for those people who require an overnight stay. 


Choose The Correct Speakers 


The highlight and often the core purpose of a conference is the speakers. Often people will even travel large distances to gain the insights of speakers who they believe will offer them value either in business or on a personal level. 


Ensuring your speakers will resonate with attendees and offer true value is a key element of running a great conference. 


Allocate Your Budget Sensibly 


When running a conference, one thing that is often a thorn in many peoples side is budgeting. It’s easy to opt for the best of the best when first booking or purchases your conference collateral.; However, if you don’t sensibly allocate your budget throughout the process then you could get caught short at the end, meaning that some elements of your conference will be lacking - leaving some attendees unhappy. 


Market Your Conference 


Marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of any event, and conferences are no exception. You can build the perfect conference, in the perfect location, with the most exceptional speakers; however, if you do not market the event, then people will not turn up.


There are many ways to market a conference including via a website, social media and even radio. 


Promote Your Brand Identity


Throughout the course of your conference, be sure to push your brand identity. Although running a great conference is largely about providing a great experience for the attendees, remember that you need to reap your rewards as well. 


Ensuring that your brand identity is promoted throughout the event will increase the chances of attendees remembering you as a business, and therefore improve the chances of you getting business from them in the future.


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