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5 Ways to Arrange a Great Group Getaway

7th January 2020

Going on holiday with friends can seem like an idyllic and fun-filled time, but there’s always the risk of your dream group getaway becoming a thing of nightmares. You may find a certain friend’s quirk suddenly irritating, a person’s eating habits difficult to cater for, or realise someone’s bossy nature is too much. That’s the worst-case scenario, of course. Hopefully, your group getaway is full of inside jokes, plenty of laughs and a time for all of you to bond.

How can you ensure that your trip is more fun than not, though? Well, you can try and keep any bad vibes away from your getaway during the planning stage. Here’s how to arrange a great group getaway that’ll have you and your friends remain besties by the end of it all. 

1.   Assign a leader

Organising a group holiday as a group will only cause trouble; rather, you need to assign a leader (or two) so that they can be the main person who plans the trip. This doesn’t mean they get to make or the decisions, it simply means they will plan and book flights, transport, accommodation, etc. This makes everything much smoother when it comes to checking in. 

When selecting a leader, make sure that they a) want to be the leader and b) has the skills to be a good one. Do they like planning and organising? Are they fair and unbiased? These are important characteristics and questions to look for and ask.

2.   Agree on who is coming

In an ideal world, everyone would get on, but if you have certain friends who are a bit icy towards one another, it may be best not to invite them. While this may seem cold, explaining the reasons should mean that they understand – it may also cause them to reflect on their attitudes if their behaviour has stopped them from going on a group trip.

3.   Decide on a budget (and stick to it)

As a group, you need to decide on a budget and stick to it – it is unfair to expect people to pay for a getaway that is out of their means that is later sprung on them. You should also decide on how certain things are paid. For instance, if you eat out, will you be splitting the bill or paying for what the individual had? Do people have to pay for group activities they are not interested in?

Money is a common argument, so avoid tension by deciding on a budget and how activities and food will be paid for beforehand. There is no room for change when it comes to budgeting. 

4.   Book transport

Getting from A to B is important. You can book a coach from one of the top coach companies in London, such as Redwing Coaches, to your destination so that everyone is together, or if you have separate arrival times, agree to meet at the destination. If you are all arriving at different times, ensure you let people know your arrival time so that things can be prepared – for instance, food, rooms, and whether someone needs to be there for check-in. You should also do your best to stick to your times, especially if your group is hoping to have a large, celebratory dinner on the first night of your getaway. 

5.   Know that it is okay to split up

A group getaway doesn’t mean you all have to be in each other’s pockets the entire trip. It is okay to split up and do your own thing, especially when it comes to activities. We do not all have the same interests, so if half the group wants to play golf but the other group wants to lounge around a pool, then communicate this and agree to meet again later.

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