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5 Ways to Organise Your Garage

25th January 2019

In an ideal world, every garage would be clean and tidy, their tools would be easy to find and items would be kept stored in the right places. However, during day-to-day life, many garages and storage rooms can get out-of-hand. If your New Years resolution was to tidy up the garage, these tips will help you with the best ways to organise your space and tidy your possessions.

1.  Storage

Ceiling storage: Ceiling storage is not only for large businesses and is excellent at maximising and enlarging the space you have. Whilst it may be slightly difficult to get back down again, ceiling storage is a great way to store items that you rarely use out of the way, especially big or cumbersome ones such as long boats like canoes which you might usually have to store in a storeroom or yard.

Box storage: Plastic box storage allows you to store a large amount of items and tools, some of which can be quite small, in a small space. You can store boxes under tables and on top of shelving units, and their temporary nature makes them easy to move around or dispose of.

2.  Shelving

Shelving allows you to store miscellaneous items in a place that is both easily accessible and away from the walkways and main space of your garage. Installing shelving units along your walls ensure that you always have somewhere to put and display items away from areas where they may become potential hazards. caters to all of your shelving and workbench needs with heavy duty products that are perfect for both garage workspaces or storage areas and more industrial level ventures.

3.  Stackable Storage

Although you may think that it is impossible to store items neatly, stacking storage allow you to have multiple drawers for different materials and purposes. This gives you an easy to use a system that will allow you to store a range of different items appropriately, as well as placing it in a single, non-intrusive place.

4.  Cabinets

The first thing to do when building your garage is to install cabinets in which you can store items and products securely and safely. Cabinets are especially useful to store perishable items or harmful products as cabinets are easy to lock and place out of reach of children. Storing products in cabinets also reduces the risk of spilling or damaging the items.

5.  Tool Holders

Tool holders are an excellent way to store tools in a safe and secure fashion. By storing your tools in a tool holder, you will ensure that they are not left in a dangerous position or place which could cause harm to yourself or others in the garden. For instance, tool-holders ensure that all tools are facing downwards, reducing the possibility of treading on their tines and causing injury. Tool holders also ensure that all your tools remain easy to find and access whenever you need them, and reduce the chance that they will be damaged whilst they are being stored.

Whether you use your garage for hobbies or for work, many people are unhappy with the state of their garages. However, through planning your space and creating large storage areas, your garage could return to its former glory and remain organised far into the future.

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