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5 Ways to Romantically Surprise Your Partner After Your Wedding

2nd June 2020

Your wedding day is a day full of excitement, emotion, and love, and something that you have been building up to for many months. The thought of such a wonderfully romantic day coming to an end can be disheartening, but just because it isn’t your wedding day doesn’t mean that the romance has to stop. There are many ways that you can keep the flame alight, and one such way is by surprising your newlywed with a romantic gift or two. Here are five ways you can show your partner how much you love them days, weeks, and years after your wedding. 

1.    Have a delicious breakfast the morning after

Whether you choose to head home at the end of the night or stay in a hotel, why not think about organising a delicious breakfast complete with all their favourite foods and drinks? You could have breakfast in bed, maybe out on the balcony – if you have access to one at the hotel – or even head off to a romantic spot for a breakfast picnic. If you want to make it extra special then, you could deliver the breakfast with a bouquet or even just a single rose (that is just as romantic).

2.    Organise a surprise trip away

As a tradition, married couples usually head off on their honeymoon right after the wedding. However, times have changed, and some people wait months or years to go on their honeymoon. If you have yet to talk about booking a honeymoon trip, one of the most romantic gestures you could make is surprising them with a fully organised and booked getaway. It might be useful to get some help with this, however, to ensure that your partner isn’t doing the same for you!

3.    Gift them with a stunning album 

It is a given that most couples want to remember their special day. This is why many people turn to professional photographers, as they will be able to take both staged and natural photos throughout the day. With many professional companies, you then get the choice of printing or keeping digital downloads of your photos. While digital downloads will mean you can print them off as many times as you like, there is nothing more romantic than sitting down with your wedding album and looking through it together. You can find stunning wedding albums online and even personalise them with your names and an image of your exact wedding rings. Your partner will adore this romantic surprise!   

4.    Make a wedding diary 

This one will take a fair bit of your time in the lead up to your wedding, but it is a gift that will be treasured forever. Purchase a journal (maybe opt for a personalised one) and write down any emotions that you are feeling in the lead up to the big day. Talk about how much you love them, for example, or what you did the day of your wedding. If you aren’t a fan of writing, then why not consider taping a video diary instead? This might even be easier to do, as you can do so easily on your phone. 

5.    Give them a keepsake box 

This romantic surprise is very easy to do. Purchase a keepsake box, or make one yourself, and place items in there that mean something special to you that are from your wedding day, and once you have surprised your partner with it, they can do the same. 

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