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6 Common Travel Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

23rd July 2018

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time or seasoned traveller, there could be some big mistakes that could cause unnecessary hassle or might potentially ruin your trip.

However, a little planning could help make the process much smoother, so you will have the holiday of a lifetime. If you are planning a trip in the near or distant future, read the six common travel mistakes you can easily avoid.

1.    Overpacking Your Suitcase

While you might want to pack everything but the kitchen sink into your suitcase, you must avoid the temptation. Not only will you need to haul the heavy luggage around with you, but it could result in you having to pay a fee if you exceed the weight limit at the airport. So, plan your outfits for each day to avoid taking too much clothing with you.

2.    Paying Too Much for Airport Car Parking

One common travel mistake is paying far too much for airport car parking. A lack of research and forward planning could result in you paying over the odds for a spot in a safe and secure car park. Instead, you should compare parking at Gatwick Airport. By doing so, you could find the best deal at one of the 11 available Gatwick Airport parking options, so you’ll have more cash to spend abroad.

3.    Not Leaving Enough Time Between Flights

Long-haul travel can be stressful enough, so you will not want the added worry that you could possibly miss your connecting flight. When booking a trip, remember that flights can be delayed and you’ll also need to check-in your luggage once again and walk through airport security. So, leave enough time in your schedule to catch a connecting flight.

4.    Not Securing Your Valuables in a Hotel

You more than likely will not want to take your passport, all your travel money, or electronics with you when exploring a destination. While you might be staying in the best hotel in a city, they might not realise they are employing unscrupulous staff.

Don’t leave it to chance and protect your valuables by storing them in the hotel safe or lock them in your suitcase. You’ll then have peace of mind that your items are protected as you make the most of your holiday.

5.    Not Trying Street Food

Many travellers make the big mistake of eating exclusively in restaurants when on holiday abroad, but this could lead to them missing out on some of the best dishes at their destination.

For example, if you’re travelling to Thailand, it would be a sin to overlook the many fantastic street food vendors, who offer delicious, authentic dishes that will burst onto your palate.

6.    Failing to Check a Country’s Visa Requirements

If you don’t check a country’s visa requirements before you fly, you could be turned away from a destination and forced to travel back home. Different countries will have different visa requirements. For example, you can stay in Turkey for 90 days after buying an e-visa.

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