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7 Wall Art Ideas To Bring Out The Best In Your Home Decor

10th June 2020

Blank walls are boring and sad. Who would want to stare at blank walls all day long? No one. But here is the good thing, decorating white walls is easy. There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to decorating walls. You can close your eyes and dream up a million ways to make them pretty.  But, you need to put in time and effort to pick an idea that compliments your style and works for your space. 

If you love wall art and are looking for inspiration Head over to ArtFrill for more wall art ideas.

But before you go, here are some tips and tricks to add that wow factor to your plain walls. We came up with a set of ideas to decorate your wall with art that will change the look and feel of any living space. 

Let The Magic Of Chinese Artwork Takeover: 

Chinese artwork dates all the way back to 4000 BC. Chinese artwork is old and absolutely beautiful. Chinese art adds an element of philosophy. This exquisite piece of art makes for an attractive addition to your space. 

Destress With Zen Pictures: 

Each one of us is stressed out these days, it is part of our daily lives because of the global conditions right now. Right now our main goal should be to invest in our physical as well as mental health and wellbeing. And, zen pictures are the perfect way to destress. You can hang zen art in your room and let it restore the peace in your life. 

Gift Of Nature:

it's proved, just by looking at pictures of nature, we feel relaxed and calm. It significantly reduces stress. The visual aspect of nature can also work as a tool against stress-related diseases. But don’t worry,  you won't even have to step outside your door to enjoy nature. All you need is to hang a beautiful art of nature. 

Color Your Life And Home
Colorology, which is a form of color psychology, uses color to influence one’s mood, physical wellbeing. It is a treatment that uses color to cure diseases, colors are proven to be healing tools. So it is a wise decision to add colors to your wall decor. You can use red, orange, or blue bold art to color up your life and your room. 

Over-Sized Wall Art:

You can not just go wrong with an over-sized wall. Its a classic and bring an extra oomph to your home decor. The large-scale murals are an absolute favorite, they are easy to hang, move, and do not need to be framed. 

Timelessness Of Bird Paintings: 

Bird painting is loved by everyone. They are pleasing to look at and create a sense of happiness. It will uplift your room and bring soothing energy in your home. Bird painting is easiest to find because of its wide variety and different styles. There is a bird print available for every age, style, and personality everywhere.

Bring In Some Wildlife Art:

Who doesn't love animals? We all do. It's sad that we don't get to see animals that often but we can use wildlife art instead. It can also make a great substitute if you don't even have a pet. With wildlife art, you can admire your favorite animal and have a statement wall in your home. 

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