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A Guide To Coping With A Workplace Accident

7th May 2019

There are always hazards and risks in the workplace no matter what industry you work in (although some more than others). Nobody expects to suffer from a workplace accident, which also means that people often do not know how to react when one occurs. This is problematic because how you respond immediately afterward is crucial for recovery, minimizing damage and also determine exactly what happened. With this in mind, here is a guide to coping with a workplace injury to make sure that you know what to happen if you, or somebody that you know, is involved in an incident while on the job.


Check For Injuries


The main priority after a workplace accident is checking for injuries and getting medical attention if necessary. Get checked over by the designated first-aider and go to the hospital if needed. Keep in mind that some injuries get worse or only show symptoms later on, so keep a close eye on yourself. Always listen carefully to what a healthcare professional has to say and follow their advice to a T.


Report The Accident


Once you have taken care of yourself and anyone else involved, you will need to report the accident to your manager and follow the accident reporting protocol for your company. This will include recording the incident in the accident book, and this is an important duty.


Collate Evidence


It is essential that the cause of the accident can be determined in order to hold the responsible party accountable and to stop it from happening again. Gather as much evidence as possible to put together an account of what happened - this can include:


-  Photographs of the accident site

-  Photos of injuries

-  Video of the accident location

-  Witness statements


Keep A Log Of Symptoms & Costs


You also need to a log which keeps a clear record of all of the symptoms that you are experiencing as a result of the injury. This should also include a list of expenses incurred as a result of the accident which might include:


-  Loss of earnings

-  Medical bills

-  Specialist equipment

-  Transport costs


Seeking Compensation


If you believe that the accident was down to the negligence of the company or another individual, then you should seek compensation. Accident compensation UK specialists can help people to claim the compensation that they deserve and carry out the work on your behalf to make things right. While compensation will not reverse the injury, it can be helpful in terms of covering costs, protecting against loss of earnings and allowing for a brighter future. Not only this, but by holding another person or entity responsible it also decreases the chance of the accident occurring again which is key.


It is unfortunate but accidents occur in the workplace constantly all around the world, and even a typical desk job has many hazards to be aware of. Despite accidents being common, many people do not know how to cope with a workplace accident, and how you react is vital for recovery and also for determining the cause of the accident.

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