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A Guide to Preparing Your Home for Selling

12th August 2019

When it comes to selling your home, ensuring that it looks at its best is crucial for both the success of viewings and the ease of moving out. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to show off your house and encourage potential buyers to close the deal. This guide covers some of the most basic options when it comes to renovating your home before you sell and how this may affect the attractiveness of the property to buyers.

1.    Replace Windows and Doors

Due to the cost of replacing features such as windows and doors, many older homes have chipped or damaged windows and doors which can be off-putting to visitors and make them worried about the security of your home against threats such as theft. Replacing your windows with double or triple glazing can also encourage viewers to invest in your home as this will reduce the cost of their energy bills and lower the running expenses of the house, as well as keeping out unattractive features such as draughts. If you are looking to replace your windows, South Coast Windows & Home Improvements is an expert double glazing company in Brighton that can provide high quality and durable windows made from uPVC to protect your home against adverse weather conditions and heat loss.

2.    Install Security Systems

Viewers looking to invest in a property want to know that the house is safe and secure to live in and that there is little risk of emergencies such as burglaries. To make sure that your home is presented as safe to guests, you should install the appropriate security systems. These include options such as security alarms which can alert emergency services to security breaches and work as a preventative against crime, and video cameras which can help to catch criminals in the event of a crime. You should also make sure that all of your fences are strong and that you have a durable lock on your door that can withstand pressure. 

3.    Renovate Your Garden 

The first sight that potential buyers will see when viewing your home is your front garden, and so it is essential that you are able to renovate this to change the appearance of your home’s exterior. For instance, you should remove any weeds from the front garden and add hanging baskets or simple flower beds to add a splash of colour to your garden, which can make it look more homely. Another great option is to transform your garden into an outdoor living space, adding furniture such as benches and other items of interest to make use of the space. 

4.    Touch Up the Paintwork

Cracked or smudged paint can make your walls (and then the whole room) look shabby and old-fashioned, and can even minimise the appearance of space in your house. If you do not want to repaint the entire room, then you should simply touch up the paintwork with sample pots in the places that it is scratched or the paint has been removed. 

5.    De-clutter

De-cluttering your home can also give your visitors an opportunity to see it in its best light, enabling them to visualise their own furniture and possessions within the house. What’s more, de-cluttering can improve the space within your rooms and make your house look more spacious than if it is cluttered with your own possessions. Additionally, de-cluttering now can make it much easier for you to pack when the deal goes through. 

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