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A Look at the Coming Innovations in Online Gaming

16th June 2020

With only a few more months until the next generation of consoles are released, it’s a very exciting time to be a gamer. When the new Xbox and PlayStation finally do hit shelves, we’re all expecting a bump in graphical standards, but despite these being the most visible aspect, they only tell a part of the story. Broadening the scope in the gaming landscape, we want to examine where the biggest innovations are coming from, and what these could mean for players.

Cross-Play Adoption

Cross-play has been a feature of gaming that has been touted for decades, yet only recently has it begun to make significant strides. The ability to connect to other players regardless of their platform offers enormous benefits, and in more ways than one. For a start, players now don't need to worry about whether they have the same device as their friends when they play.

Also playing into this are the benefits of a game's longevity which appear with a single centralised player-base. As games age, their players tend to leave for newer opportunities, and since cross-play eliminates the problem of segmentation per platform, this issue is reduced even further.

Cross-Platform Purchases

Continuing with the crossing theme is the growing trend of cross-platform purchases. This is the idea where players who purchase a game on one system can freely play on another. Steam was an early example of this, where games bought on PC could be played on OSX and Linux, and now consoles are also joining the fray.

In the modern age, this is very similar to how a related form of entertainment, online casino gaming, handles their systems. For example, websites like Speedy Spel have hundreds of games on offer, from slots to blackjack, live casino games, and much more. Originally confined to PCs and Laptops, these have since made the jump to a huge range of internet-capable devices like mobiles, tablets, and other smart technologies.

Some video game developers, like CD Projekt Red, are taking this a step further, allowing the free upgrade of current-gen games to their next-gen counterparts when they eventually arrive. So far this is a new development, but given CD Projekt Red’s penchant for innovation and raising the bar, we wouldn’t be surprised to see many more soon following suit.

Variable Frame-Rates

Another of the most welcome and growing additions to gaming this generation came from the introduction of variable frame-rate games on consoles. This was typically illustrated following the introduction of the upgraded systems, the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One X. By allowing users to change focus on either higher-resolution or improved frame-rate, consoles have managed to further bridge one of the main issues that have held some gamers back.

Whether you're a classic gamer or have only begun your journey in the most recent generation, the coming few months are some of the most exciting that gaming has yet seen. Only time will tell the level of integration that the above systems will see, but if current trajectories are any indication, the future appears bright. Whatever the case, it's probably about time we started saving and hoping that the next generation of launch titles live up to the hype.

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