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A Road Map Ahead

11th May 2020

Boris Johnson has announced the proposed road map to see the UK forward as the experts suggest we are now past the peak, that the worst of it is behind us and we may now start moving forward to clearer times ahead. The initial step laid out is to have many who were perhaps unable to work look to head back to work again - with the changing in measures some notice had been paid toward those businesses who are struggling as the hopes that these changes may start to get many back on track.


The business sectors that have been struggling are well known - this was somewhat addressed as those within the hospitality sector such as hotels and restaurants were given the message that tentatively they may be able to prepare for a re-opening sometime in July - now this is some time away yet, and this is something that may change depending on any  changing in figures, but it does at least offer some guidance for what to expect. The struggles may also be seen within public transport over the coming weeks too, as it was urged that those who can return to work avoid public transport for the time being. It isn’t all bad news, however, as there are some sectors doing well despite the current lockdown measures.

social distancing


Many of us have changed our day to day to accommodate for the extra time in our day - one sector which has found a big boost due to the lockdown has been seen within DIY, larger DIY stores have found themselves with longer queues and a lot of foot traffic as many turn to gardening and home improvement as a way to use this additional time - the same can be said for mobile gaming as online casinos not on gamstop have found a huge surge in traffic continuing on from a pre-lockdown trend which has seen the market perform extremely well in the past few years. 

A lot of attention will be paid to the coming weeks - with other countries in Europe easing their lockdown measures a little earlier than the UK, watching how they’re able to cope moving forward may also be a determining factor in how the measures at home change. Fears of a second wave of infection spreading are still very real, and though current signs are looking good, that could change very quickly. If there is a spike seen in other countries such as Spain, Italy, or Germany, then the expectation may be that the UK will return to stricter lockdown measures very quickly, but if numbers continue to fall and good signs are seen throughout these other countries then it may also be a sign that measures here will change quicker than laid out and perhaps in a broader way than previously anticipated. The road map has been made clear, however, and with that it’s unlikely much change will be seen until at least July at the earliest - a long time to wait for many, but given a lot of backlash on whether or not actions were taken too late, erring on the side of caution may be the safest play. 


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