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Add Value to Your Cornwall Home with These 5 Top Tips

5th June 2020

Buyers looking to invest in a property in Cornwall are likely to be searching for an idyllic house that matches their dreams of living by the seaside or investing in a second property near the coast. This means that the features they are looking for in a home may be different to those which may add value to a property in other parts of the country. To allow your home to sell quickly, here are some top ways that you can add value to your home in Cornwall.

1.    Give it Great Kerb Appeal

Cornish towns are known for their charming alleyways and beautiful house exteriors. Many homebuyers looking to invest in a property in Cornwall will have imagined living in a well-designed home that matches their view of what Cornwall is. Therefore, to add value to your home, you should give a good impression from the moment your potential buyer first sets eyes on it. You can do this by instaling a pathway across your front garden, sprucing up your fencing, and replacing or repainting windows and doors.

2.    Install a Modern Fireplace

There are many historic homes and cottages scattered across Cornwall, and one of the main features that people will be looking for in a Cornish home is a traditional fireplace. However, if you want to keep the cosy atmosphere of a fireplace while updating it to meet the needs of the 21st century, you should consider installing a balanced flue gas fire from Marble Hill. This will enable you to reproduce the flickering embers of a real fire while also allowing you to install a clean and easy to use appliance that can add value to your home.

3.    Add a Balcony

If you want to extend your home but are uncertain about gaining planning permission, you should consider the advantages of adding a balcony to your home. This is a particularly desirable feature if you are thinking of selling your property as a holiday home or if your house has a beautiful view, such as that of the sea. A balcony can add value to your home by giving your property an extra living space without the need for extensive disruption.

4.    Create a Parking Spot

Towns like Truro are in great need of more parking, with both tourists and locals being unable to find a parking spot and many of the homes in the area devoid of parking spaces or garages. This has led to the need for parking spots boosting the value of homes that have them. Therefore, consider adding a parking spot to your home by paving over part of your front garden or creating extra space outside of your front-facing garage.

5.    Create a Beautiful Garden

Cornwall, due to its position as one of the most southern areas of the country and the fact that it is surrounded by sea, is one of the sunniest areas of the UK, with over 1500 hours of sunshine expected annually. This means that houses with gardens are greatly desired by potential homeowners in order to make the most of this gorgeous weather. In order to add value to your home, you should consider creating a wonderful garden space. You can do this by creating rockeries and flower beds, landscaping your outdoor space with water features and pathways, and even creating an outdoor living space for families to enjoy.

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