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Best Graduate Job Opportunities Near and Far

22nd January 2020

Just out of university and hunting down a graduate career? Whether you have come back to the Cornwall area or are looking to spread your wings again, we have some of the best places to look for graduate jobs here.


Polish your CV and prepare your cover letters because you will need them to hand when applying for these fantastic graduate schemes.


What Sites Should You Be Using?


There are so many job sites around promising graduates that they host plenty of opportunities and vacancies. Using the mainstream sites is arguably the best move, but fresh-faced grads may also want to check out the graduate roles on Jobrapido due to their smart intuition technology.


The site is pioneering AI technology that will match up search terms with other related jobs that would normally only be found using other keywords. This means your graduate job search is faster, more convenient and saves you time.


Other places to seek out graduate jobs are on big company websites. Companies like Tesco and household names often have a section on their internal job board dedicated to graduate schemes.


Three Top Graduate Opportunities Near Cornwall


If you want to stay near the coast and enjoy the peaceful Cornish lifestyle while developing your career, here are some of the best local organisations that often offer graduate positions:


1.     The University of Exeter


One of the closest universities in the region frequently has graduate positions available either working in their backroom staff or as a full-time researcher. If progressing your academic career and even becoming a professor is your long-term goal, then the University of Exeter should be on your radar.


2.     Enterprise


This car rental firm is based throughout the UK and offers graduate programmes that lead to management roles. They are also based in Cornwall and the programme promises great potential. In fact, one of the current CEOs of Enterprise began their career on this programme.


3.     Aldi


Another renowned company spread across the UK, including Cornwall, is Aldi. The store is known to offer workers better pay than most other supermarkets and they also offer a graduate scheme not to scoff at. Consider becoming an area manager for one of Europe’s biggest supermarkets, starting in Cornwall.


Graduate Opportunities Further Afield


For those wanting to explore further than Cornwall, the best cities to find graduate jobs are London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester. Although many people choose to gravitate to London for higher salaries, lower living costs in the north may be a smarter option. This is even more true considering that big names like Burberry are leaving London to secure cheaper running costs themselves up the A1.


Supermarkets and tech firms remain some of the best providers of graduate jobs. The larger businesses usually have dedicated schemes that progress grads into their preferred career and can be more beneficial than applying for an orthodox vacancy.

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