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Cornwall's Fiercest and Friendliest Tournaments

11th May 2020


Enjoy watching professional Surfers at the Boardmasters Festival

There's nothing more exhilarating than the buzz of a tournament. Whether it's a game for the mind, a sports contest or something altogether sillier, it's brilliant competing against fellow fans. Whilst the competitive nature of the contestants is of course a driving factor, the element of tournaments that makes them really special is the coming together of likeminded people. Getting to be in the same space as potentially thousands of others who have the same interest as you is a significant experience. Cornwall is home to a handful of these famous tournaments, in which the fierce competition and the friendly competitors create an atmosphere unlike any other. 


The Cornwall Poker Tour


The Cornwall Poker tour has been running for a whole decade and has only grown in popularity during that time. In the beginning, the tour operated in local pubs only, but the demand has grown so much that now the tour has partly moved online. This method of play allows greater flexibility for entrants and has proved a popular choice. Online poker has seen a boom in recent years and with providers now offering the ability to create private tournaments to play online with friends, it's never been easier for groups like the Cornwall Poker Tour to facilitate online events. 


Many of the players who founded the tour still take part to this day and, whilst the core of the group are close friends, the events never feel 'cliquey'. It's a great place to find poker-loving friends and to maybe win a little money if you play your cards right!


Trevose Golf Club



The Charity Tournaments at the Trevose Golf Club are a great way to experience the thrill of a tournament whilst knowing you’re doing your bit for charity.


Trevose Golf Club is a much loved part of the community in Padstow and frequently organises championships for both members and non-members alike. Golf can be a fiercely competitive sport, where one wrong strike of the club can send you toppling from the top spot, but despite this, the competitors in the tournaments are always kind and welcoming, especially to new faces. So keen are Trevose in fact to help budding golfers get off to a good start, that they hold Junior Championships specifically for that reason. 


Another great tournament to get involved in is their regular charity tournament. They usually hold one at least once a year, where you'll see some of their best players out on the course. Even better, you'll be able to compete right alongside them and know that even if you don't win, you'll still be doing your bit for charity. Proper feel-good fun.


Boardmasters Festival


Although most of us know Boardmasters as a music and surf festival, there's actually some serious competition going on behind all that fun. During the festival, spectators can go and view all of the action at Fistral beach, as surfers hoping to qualify for the World Surf League tear up the waves. The standard of sport here is sky high, as Boardmasters is the most prestigious event in the UK.  If you get yourself a good spot then you'll be sure to see the absolute best in Britain and many huge international names, who have made the journey down to the festival just to compete. 


Of course, if you fancy having a go yourself then you'll need to apply; spaces are at a premium and only the most skilled surfers are in with a chance. However, watching from the beach is certainly one of the most enjoyable long weekends you could spend out here. Despite the friendly surf crowd and the adrenaline rush of the sport, maybe this one is best left to the professionals.



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