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Darts is No Longer a Man’s Game

29th January 2020

Darts is becoming more popular than ever, and with it other pastimes such as darts betting. The chairman of PDC, Barry Hearn has helped bring darts back into the limelight over the past decade. He is one of the reasons why women are now allowed to play at the PDC World Championship. The PDC World Championship was previously a male-only competition, but Hearn wanted to change this. His aim is to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance in the game, but he also makes it clear that he’s not willing to go easy on people.

Barry Hearn (the chairman of the PDC) is fairly old fashioned in his views. He realises more than most people that the reason darts has thrived over the past few years is because of its male-dominated, boorish culture with sing-along tunes playing and beer flowing around the arenas. However, he has realised that times are changing, and so must we.

Last year, PDC got rid of the girls who would usually walk players up to the ackey in a move to show that they were changing with the times. PDC then announced that they were going to allow two female competitors to compete in the PDC World Championships. This led to more than 200 female darts players battling it out in Milton Keynes and Düsseldorf for a place.

Today, women in darts are becoming more noticeable, and everyone from darts betting aficionados to avid spectators has become knowledgeable of the extremely talented female darts players on the circuit.

In most elite sports, people are segregated by sex, but darts isn’t the same. However, the BDO does run a women’s only competition at the Women’s World Darts Championship. Carry on reading below to learn a little bit more about women in darts.

Women in Darts in the Past

Previously, women including Anastasia Dobromyslova and Gayl King were both given wildcard entries to the PDC World Championships. It wasn’t until Barry Hearn expressed his opinion that women were given the opportunity to earn a place. Hearn didn’t want to include women in order to be politically correct, but he believed that he should question decisions and provide the right opportunities for everyone.

With darts becoming more and more popular, it’s now even more important that everyone gets a chance to enter. Hearn says that he hasn’t done it to be popular, but he believes that ability should speak for itself and it shouldn’t matter what age, size, colour or sex you are.

Life as a Female Darts Player

You may be under the impression that playing darts is easy, but you’d be wrong. Life as a darts player is extremely tough. Unlike men, who usually travel the world to compete in glamourous televised performances, women tend to play largely on the BDO circuit, which doesn’t give them enough money to make a living.

Lots of female darts players rely on their partners to put food on the table or they try and balance playing darts with working. Deta Hedman is an example of a lady who did this. Deta is classed as one of the best professional darts players in history, yet she has to go to work in order to survive. Deta works for Royal Mail and works a number of 14-hour shifts. This allows her to enjoy her hobby and passion in her spare time. In most cases, only the winners of competitions are likely to break even.

Darts Betting

Darts betting is another reason why darts has become so popular over the past few years. It has become one of the quickest growing markets in the industry. There’s a huge choice of darts betting markets to choose from across a number of competitions, and darts betting is one of the top choices for gamblers around the world. Darts betting at Boyle Sports is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to place a bet. Not only do they provide their customers with brilliant odds, but they also have some amazing promotional offers available.

Financing Darts

Playing at Alexandra Palace can have huge financial implications. Winners of the BDO championship can receive approximately £12,000. This is nothing compared to the £15,000 you are likely to receive for just getting through the first stage of the PDC. If you win the trophy at a PDC championship, you could leave the competition £500,000 richer! This doesn’t include the extra money you’ll earn in sponsorship and from working with affiliated companies, such as darts betting firms.

However, there’s a lot more at stake than the winnings – for many female players, they see it as an opportunity to represent the entire female population. Darts is becoming extremely popular with women, particularly now they’re being given the opportunity to join in competitions that they previously weren’t able to. Lisa Ashton won the BDO women’s world championship and believes that it’s a dream come true to be able to compete against the men.

Can Women Go All the Way?

Now that women have been given the opportunity to compete, there is nothing stopping them from going all the way. In 2005, Hedman became the first female darts player to beat a man on live television. Trying to win the biggest competition in the world might prove to be slightly more difficult, but it’s a huge moment that Hearn and all the female darts players would love. Hearn believes that if a woman won even one game, it would be an amazing statement about how the sport has changed and improved over the years.

Darts and Popularity Of The Game And Darts Betting

Darts has changed considerably over the last few years. It has been around for decades, but for many years, it was classed as a pub sport. This has changed considerably over the past few years with darts now welcoming thousands of fans into giant arenas for competitions. Darts is now as popular as boxing or MMA. Most people now agree that darts is a sporting activity with over 50 million people playing competitively around the world. As a result of the popularity, both the number of players and the number of fans has increased hugely. Darts betting has also risen to become a key part of the gambling market today.

With darts increasing in popularity around the world, there’s no wonder more and more people are taking up the sport. In the past, women were unable to compete against men in competitions, but thanks to Hearn, things have begun to change. This is giving women the opportunity to win big money and show men just how good they are. In 2019, the prize money at the World Matchplay event was a magnificent £700,000. Darts may still not be as prevalent as tennis or football yet, but if it carries on at this rate, it soon will be.  

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