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Dreams Do Come True’ when it comes to Eurovision 2019

17th May 2019

Have you ever wanted to set sail into the winds of change and pack those bags, heading off into a world unknown? Have you been enamoured with the thought of gliding to a place where dreams are the only guides? Well, many thousands of aspiring singers worldwide have felt this exact tug and urge within themselves, hurtling them into making the decision to go full force towards a dream of winning big time.

You may be wondering what on earth I’m waxing poetic about? Well, none other than the dream of Eurovision, of course. With Eurovision 2019 and the pending winners’ names soon to be announced, there is a hope that someone’s wildest dreams may come true this Saturday, 18th May, when the Eurovision Grand Finale is set to take place.

What exactly is the Eurovision, you may be asking? For those of you that are not aspiring singers and have never heard of this prestigious annual event, Eurovision is a singing content that has been held consecutively each year, since its inception in 1956. Following on from the immensely popular Sanremo Music Festival, this contest is open for all that falls within the European Broadcast Union and beyond to participate in. 

This year, being the 64th Eurovision Singing contest, means that this competition is well on its way to enjoying a centennial of creating super stars along the way. Having produced many a singing sensation, the likes of ABBA, Celine Dion and more, every singer that take part has high hopes of landing their big music break by winning.

What Eurovision 2019 has brought with it is a bevy of surprises, excitement and an all-around fantastic experience for all the singers and spectators alike.

What was unexpected were some of the countries that ended up getting eliminated in the first semi-final, the eliminated countries being: Belgium, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland and Portugal.

The hope felt from the other countries that have made it through the first semi-finals was indeed tangible and fully encompassing. The countries that leapt with joy into the next phase was: Australia, Belarus, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, San Marino, Serbia and Slovenia.

The fact that these countries were decided by way of a vote tallied from TV viewers and national jurors means that the fate of these hopeful entertainers lies in the opinion of the spectating populous at large. Something quite daunting for any aspiring singer to consider, indeed.

Given that Eurovision has been broadcast consistently since its debut in 1956, makes this contest the “longest-running annual international television contest”, as well as one of the “world's longest-running television programmes”. Talk about longevity and consistency!

If you would like to get in on the intense action that is the Eurovision 2019, and would like to stake your claim as to who you think will take the victory home this Saturday, when the Grand Finale takes centre stage, why not stop by Unibet’s Eurovision Wonderland, and bet on who you think has that X-factor needed to be the next mega star of Europe!

Be sure to get in on the dream and find your way to winning glory when you pick the winner before the judges do. Check out the awesome Unibet Eurovision portal right here, and make your winning pick right away!

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