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Essential Destinations to Explore in North Yorkshire

16th July 2020

The trek from Cornwall to North Yorkshire is more than worth it. It might feel like going to the other side of the world, especially if you're travelling by train, but there's so much to do in Yorkshire that you won't regret the journey. From the tourist attractions that are an absolute must-see to those out of the way destinations that aren't packed with other sightseers, you won't run out of options. Here are some of the best things to do if you're holidaying in North Yorkshire. Plan your holiday well, and you'll easily be able to cram in everything on this list!


York Minster Cathedral

Not only is York Minster the largest medieval cathedral in the whole of northern Europe, but it's also a stunning building in its own right. Certainly, one to prioritise, there are lots of reasons to visit the cathedral, despite the large crowds that you will often have to deal with. However, the views from the huge tower are well worth the additional £5 entry, although you might want to take a deep breath before climbing the 275 steps.


Gaping Grill

As the largest underground cave chamber in the UK, no visit to North Yorkshire is complete without a tour of the Gaping Grill. Easily accessible by using Andrew's Taxis from wherever you're staying in the county, Gaping Grill is a spellbinding and awe-inspiring spot to explore. Large enough to fit a cathedral inside, there have even been attempts to get a hot air balloon flying inside it! If you time your holiday right, you can even access parts of the cave that are normally only reserved for experienced cavers, with all the help you need from professional guides (and some handy winches).


Whitby Abbey

One for those that love nothing more than roaming around ruins, Whitby Abbey is a picturesque spot that has a long history. You definitely don't want to miss out on exploring Whitby if you're a fan of the gothic, especially considering the town's strong links to Dracula. The best thing about Whitby Abbey is that it seems to have built to maximise its appearance as a ruin. So beautiful are the ruins that they could even be a custom-made film set. You can get to the abbey by either climbing the 199 steps from Church Street or by jumping in a taxi that will take you over the bridge (so you get the awesome views of the River Esk too).


Swinton Druids Temple

One of the best places to visit if you're up for a tourist-free bit of fun, there's something special about the Druid's Temple in Swinton. It might look like it's been there for a thousand years, but the truth is that it was only built 200 years ago! Druid's Temple is one of the best examples of a 'folly' in the UK, so it's worth checking out. Have a wander around and think about whether you could survive the challenge set by the eccentric owner of the Swinton estate of living there for seven years. Nobody managed it, although one man did manage four and a half years before deciding he'd had enough.


North Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful spots in the whole of Britain, so it's always worth a trip to visit. From its literary influence to the unique natural moors and the man-made sites to explore, you certainly won't run out of things to do in North Yorkshire.

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