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Family Visits: 3 Tips to Reduce the Stress

23rd May 2019

How often do you get together with your family? With more and more people leaving their hometowns to follow work opportunities, for many families the only time they get together are high days and holidays, and these visits need planning. With finances, time off work and the logistics of the trip, planning a trip home can be stressful, before you have even stepped over the threshold.

What is anticipated to be a happy reunion, can soon become a hotbed of drama, miscommunication and hurt. Does this resonate with you? Do your trips back home seemingly escalate from fine to foul?

Here are 3 tips to help you limit the stress of visiting family.

1 - Meet on neutral ground

Have you noticed that as soon as you walk through the door that the family dynamics immediately slip into play and you return to childhood patterns? Even though you are an adult, you fall back into a teenage mindset as your parents return to their roles of nurturer and disciplinarian.

One way to break this cycle is to meet up and stay somewhere else other than the family home. This might just mean that your parents will meet you halfway, rather than you having to complete the full distance. For example, Amberley House Cottage Holidays have numerous properties that can accommodate larger family groups. You will all benefit from staying on neutral ground and enjoying a holiday vibe.

2 - Plan for time-out

Staying with family can be intense. To alleviate stress, schedule time-out from the house. You don’t have to arrange to see other people, rather just you and your partner plan for a walk, a trip into town or a coffee out.

Not having time alone or with your partner when you are used to it, intensifies the feeling of stress. Just because you are staying with family doesn’t mean that you must spend every waking hour with them.

3 - Be honest about your needs

If you don’t like big family gatherings or being forced to engage with relatives you don’t like, be honest. You are an adult, and not a performing monkey. If you feel forced to spend time with people that you don’t want to, you will resent the situation even more. Explain to your family that you prefer to socialise one-on-one and speak more deeply with people. They may say that they are hurt, but those feelings will pass. Quite often is the anticipation of reactions that are more stressful than the reality!

Visiting family always has the potential to escalate into drama; however, there are things that you can do to minimise the risk. If you plan your trip carefully and identify any scenarios where flashpoints can occur, you can potentially avoid any fallout. By being more aware of the triggers of arguments, you will have more control over how the visit makes you feel. Changing the location of the meetup is one way to disrupt the usual patterns of behaviour and may just be the change that you all need.

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