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From Bingo to Sport, There Have Never Been so Many Women-Specific Initiatives

13th February 2020

In Cornwall, across the UK, and even across the pond, there has been a stark rise in initiatives, activities which are not only geared towards women but are girls-only clubs in their entirety. There have never been so many of these women-specific initiatives available for people to enjoy social time, gaming time, or even enhance their business.

Female-centric initiatives have become vital in the modern-day landscape of nearly every sector, allowing women to find a safe space where they can express themselves without any of the inherent problems that can come in male-dominated areas.

Women-specific initiatives are proving to be incredibly popular and helpful, but why are they so important, and how can you get involved?

The importance of woman-specific initiatives

As much as all genders can contribute in equal measure to a business, social group, or night of gaming, males and females often behave very differently, prefer different ways of doing things, and sometimes these differences can completely change the dynamic of a situation or group. As so much is made about women trying to break into male-dominated groups, how people interact with each other depending on gender can be very different.

This can come down to the natural way in which genders tend to communicate. Where men are more comfortable being competitive in conversational situations, such as by jumping in to contribute, women tend to be more symbiotic when conversing with each other and devising plans. As the world has primarily been a men-only club for so long, certain standards have become ingrained that mean that many women have to behave unnaturally to break in, whereas with all-women groups, the Superwoman persona can be put to one side and be replaced by a more welcoming and safe environment.

The inherent problem with female-only initiatives is the backlash that can come from creating a gender-oriented group or promotion. In a world where inclusivity is promoted at all times, it’s obvious that those being excluded from a group, particularly one which could be particularly beneficial, would protest about not being allowed to join. However, there is still plenty of space for women-specific initiatives, especially as so many male-centric initiatives are already well established.

In business, women are finding that making friends with powerful or influential women can be of great help to their own advancement. It’s an idea known as ‘shine theory’ according to QZ, and it encourages networking with a purpose by women befriending each other through business. New York’s the Wing is the most famous of these clubs, with its waiting list being thousands of applicants long.


The female-centric revolution in sports

The sports arena has been male-dominated since competitions began. Due to males being encouraged and even made to practice certain popular sports from a very young age, many get the jump on female sporting hopefuls. As such, men often have the advantage due to having more experience, but there’s no denying that many women want to play football. This is why separate female teams have been forged, including right here by the Cornwall FA, which runs from the Pirate FM Women's Football League to the South West Leagues.

Also in Cornwall is the ‘Go Where Women Are’ initiative, in which women are encouraged to partake in sports and exercise on their own terms. It’s a part of the National Lottery-funded ‘This Girl Can’ promotion that wants women to get fit and exercise but in any way that suits their preferences. It’s a very different approach to what is seen in most sports, where striving to be the best and most competitive has been drilled into its participants. With ‘This Girl Can,’ the aim is to achieve fitness but in an enjoyable way and at one’s own pace.

It’s not just in Cornwall, though, with many nationwide initiatives being run for women to enjoy. HSBC’s UK Breeze initiative aims to get one million more women cycling before the end of 2020. To help the movement gain momentum, the promotion is encouraging women to become ‘Breeze Champions’ to act as ambassadors to raise awareness and break down the barriers of cycling for other women.

Sport is a major area in which women-specific initiatives have become integral to bringing benefits to women all over Cornwall and the UK. Teams for men mostly don’t allow women to join, and if they do, the atmosphere is very male-centric with the drive, formality, and social aspects often not being enjoyable for most women.

Social gaming has become a female-dominated arena

As has been found in business, sports, and gaming, the social aspects of being in a group can be as important to women as the activity itself. It’s why strictly social groups like Crofty Girls in Cornwall are popular organisations, as is the Cornwall meetup group Phoenix Ladies. While men enjoy gaming, both competitively online and on their own, many women prefer games that have much more social elements ingrained in the experience.

This would explain why bingo remains such a popular game for women, even becoming a wholly female-specific form of gaming in the offering of some brands. Bingo nights for ladies are still popular around the UK, as is playing bingo online. It was found that 75 per cent of all people who play online bingo are women, which is why brands are comfortable making a female-centric bingo gaming experience.

It was found that the quality of the website and the available bonus offers are among the most important factors considered by the female online bingo audience. As such, brands like Bingo at 888 ladies offer sizeable bingo bonuses like £50 on bingo and slots as well as create a bright, welcoming, and easy-to-navigate website for its players. 

Other lines of gaming, particularly video gaming, are still mostly geared towards male players despite the relatively even split between male and female gamers. From the protagonists to the themes in the games, it’s clear that males are the target audience, but in social gaming, women have become the target audience, with everything from the social chat features to the design of the online bingo rooms being geared towards women, creating female-centric initiatives.

Clubs, groups, and initiatives that are made for women are helping women to enjoy many of the activities that men have enjoyed over the years but in a way that better suits the preferences of many women. In sports, women get to exercise without the pressures of trying to join a men’s team, and in gaming, the whole new female-centric form of social gaming has come to the fore to enable women to enjoy gaming in a more sociable way.

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