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Get Ready for Winter with These 7 Fashion Tips

28th October 2019

A new season means that your wardrobe might need a bit of an update, and it’s time to put away your sandals and embrace fashion that’s cosy and comfortable. While winter fashion means a lot of covering up, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay stylish or stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, below, you will find a few tips to help bring your wardrobe seamlessly into winter. 

1.   Bring on the boots

Boots are essential in your winter wardrobe. Shoes are too flimsy, and trainers get soaked through, but your trusty boots will keep your toes cosy, no matter how cold it gets. Luckily, boots are having a fashion moment right now. Chelsea boots with a low heel are great for pairing with jeans on icy days, while lace-up boots have a slightly punk edge. Colourful ankle boots look great with black tights and a midi skirt, or you could even opt for leopard print for a wild touch. 

2.   You can never have too many coats

If you’re going through a classic, windy, cold British winter, then your coats are the items in your wardrobe that people will see the most. Get creative with the coats you wear. It’s worth investing in a classic style from, such as a trench coat, and also a wool or even faux fur number for colder days. Don’t forget an umbrella, as coats can get absolutely ruined in the rain! 

3.   Buy a big bag

The unpredictable weather means you’ll no doubt need to layer up, but if it unexpectedly gets warm and you need to remove your jumper or jacket, where do you put it? Big bags are in fashion for AW19, which means you’ve got plenty of space to keep those extra layers, plus some to house winter-friendly beauty products on the go.  

4.   Bundle up

Listen to your grandma’s advice and choose some great hats, scarves, and gloves. They don’t have to be the knitted kind; a felt hat and some stylish leather gloves can really make an outfit look sophisticated and little bit vintage. Giant wrap style scarves can finish off a winter ensemble perfectly, too.

5.   Invest in thick tights

They may go in and out of fashion, but thick, black tights are a staple of most women’s wardrobes. Don’t buy cheap tights that’ll ladder and feel sweaty and uncomfortable. You can purchase fleece-lined tights that keep you warm, while still comfortable, without adding bulk to your legs. 

6.   Use a roll neck for layering

Missing your favourite pretty tops during winter? Layer them over a roll-neck ribbed top. From strappy cami tops to a blouse, roll necks are great for creating a modern, layered look. 

7.   Get your trousers hemmed

Ever buy expensive trousers only for the hems to get soggy and ruined? Avoid this by getting your trousers tailored. Not only will this protect your new purchase, but it also helps your trousers fit better so that they’re more flattering and look expensive. 

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