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Guide to Having a Healthier Home

22nd August 2019

Life is very frantic. Our homes are meant to be our protective havens from the world, but very often, where we live is having a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health. From allergy protection to tranquility, having the right home design and an eye on the physical health of your household, it might actually be much easier than you think to transform your home into the haven that it’s supposed to be. Some of these tips are easy to adopt, while others will take some time, but by placing a greater focus on the overall health of your home, you could end up with that escape from the real world that you've always dreamed of.


Your Entrance

Your front door, or whichever door you mostly use, is your first level of protection from the outdoors, so you should make it a priority to get it right. This can be an easy fix, and there are many options open to you when it comes to reinforcing the effectiveness of your entryway protection. Look at:


●       Double mats: If you want to bring less dirt and bacteria into your home, then having a mat on both the interior and exterior of your most used doorway can reduce dirt coming into your property by as much as 80%. It’s best to buy mats that can be hosed down in the garden and air-dried if you want the best form of carpet protection from dirt, grime, and bacteria. 


●       No shoes: Install a shoe rack by your main door, and have slippers available for the regular members of your household. You might even want to invest in some guest slippers for an extra touch of class.


●       Pollen: In the hayfever season, your best bet is to ensure that you take off and shake any outerwear before you head inside. If that’s not possible, then consider using wipes or a clothes brush by the door so that you can avoid wafting pollen throughout your home.


The Living Room

This is where you’ll be spending most of your leisure time in your home, so it’s important to get it right. There are many ways to make your living room a more health-positive spot, and for both your mental and physical benefit, you should ensure that you have:


●       No smoking area: This isn’t an attempt to stop you smoking (although if you’re trying to get healthier, then it’s a good start), but if you want to create a healthier home then try and commit to smoking outside. That smoke is a major factor in your home’s air pollution volumes, and if you can cut it down, all the better.


●       Natural light: Ideally, you want as much exposure to natural light as possible. Natural light is an amazing source of positive health benefits, both mental and physical. This page is about shutters for a bay window and highlights just how easy it is to make adjustments and improvements to your window set-up at home, and dramatically improve the amount of natural light that you let into your living room. From improving your vitamin D levels to improving sleep, you should have an awareness of natural light exposure in every room of your home.


●       Plants: For air purification, you have some high tech and low tech solutions, but nothing beats having some greenery. You have plenty of options to choose from, so do a little research into the houseplants that will remove more impurities from the air. Be aware that if you have pets, then you may be a little restricted when it comes to picking out houseplants, as some are toxic to your furry family members. 



An Ideal Bathroom

Pampering yourself should be a pleasure, not a chore. If you have damp, grey towels on the bathroom floor or mold in the corners, then you’re exposing yourself to a variety of health risks. It’s not just physical either. Your bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms of your home and a sanctuary of self-care:


●       Design: This will largely come down to personal preference, but having a bathroom overhaul is always a fun process. You get to design everything from the color scheme to accessories, and whether you opt for cacti and small trees, or a more timeless, elegant look with a rock sink, some fresh new towels and the accompanying candles near the bath. The redesigned bathroom should match your idea of what pampering and self-care should look like.


●       Repair: If a full redesign is outside of your budget, then some simple repairs can dramatically improve the health of your bathroom. Plug up any cracks or broken bathroom tiles so that they don’t make it too easy for mold to grow, and make sure that you have a dehumidifier on for at least twenty minutes after a bath or shower.


●       Shower curtains: Your Jeff Goldblum novelty shower curtain might be a great talking point, but far too many people have spent good money on vinyl options that aren’t the best choice. Vinyl shower curtains often contain phthalates, which can have a negative effect on your physical health. Ideally, you want a washable shower curtain, preferably made from either nylon or polyester.


Kitchen Issues

This is one of the biggest rooms to focus on, and there are endless numbers of ways to improve your kitchen so that it is significantly healthier. Even a few minor changes can reduce your exposure to health risks.


●       Chopping boards: Swap those old, chipped and cracked wooden chopping boards for new maple wood or durable plastic ones. These can prevent germ build-up and cross-contamination, which is always a positive step to looking after your health.


●       Dry plates: Always make sure that your plates are 100% dry before you stack and store them. Even small traces of water can encourage the growth of bacteria, so this should be a priority.


●       Eat right: Of course, one of the biggest and most obvious ways to positively impact your health in the home (and outside of it) is to be a little more health conscious by eating better. You don’t have to drop all of your bad eating habits immediately, but creating a weekly meal plan is always a good first step.


Turning your home into somewhere healthier doesn’t have to be a sudden decision. Take small steps and work your way up to those bigger changes. The more that you consider the health aspects of your living space, the easier it will be to turn your home into the protective haven that you deserve.

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