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How successful has the return of the Premier league been?

13th July 2020

There is absolutely no doubting that sport has been a welcome return for the majority. It has provided some much needed entertainment, with many of us stuck in some form of a lockdown until just a few weeks ago. This was all due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, which has changed our lives, with economies that continuing to re-open and bounce back, following endless closures to businesses.


Sport had been cancelled from the early period of March but improvements continued to be made and announcements released that the Premier league would be returning. This was following many believing that season was going to be cancelled, something that the Ligue 1 in France implemented. The Premier league then kickstarted again on June 17th, following the three month break due to the pandemic. So the question is, has it been a success since returning?


The 100 day hiatus was a long one for any sport, and there is no doubting that it has to been seen as a success story that we are getting to see the end of this season. You look at many other sports around the world, who are still yet to return and are working out the best means in order to do so and safely for all. The Premier league was always at the forefront for returning, and that also comes in a country that is one of the worst affected in the world to date.


The league followed in the footsteps of the Bundesliga in Germany, which were the first European league to return. They proved and showed a winning formula to returning with success, with other sports such as the UFC also returning from an early date. One of the key factors has been having no spectators in attendance. It completely changes the atmosphere of the matches and must be difficult for players but it enable for sports to return. Let’s hope improvements continue to be made and we can have fans in attendance at matches for the start of the 2020/21 season.


The Premier league has returned with great success, with Liverpool wrapping up their first Premier league title and first top division title in 30 years. They have been the dominant force this year and it again sets up for a fascinating duel between them and Manchester City next campaign. With the latter also returning with an impressive 4-0 victory over the champions recently. Punters have also now been picking up offers on the best betting sites uk, in order to support City for the title next season. Another question is whether Liverpool can now go on and break the points record of 100 this year, set by Manchester City just two years ago.

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