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How to Attract More Local Customers to Your Business

21st February 2019

Even if your business has gone global and is somewhat of a market leader, it will still stand to benefit significantly from attracting customers that are geographically close to it. From giving your company a community feel to providing it with a customer base it can always fall back on, there’s a lot to gain when you focus on a local audience.


If you’ve never focused on attracting local customers before or if it’s just been so long since you’ve done it, then you need to take advice whenever it is offered. Fortunately, such advice can be found below.


Attend local events


If you want to attract customers, then it’s imperative that you show your face in and around the town. Doing so will show that you are willing to interact with the locals and that you value the community that you work in. It will also give you the chance to come into contact with customers who are interested in supporting local businesses and the local economy. The next time a flea market or festival is announced in your community, clear your schedule and pen in your attendance there.


While you are at the event, you should do all you can to showcase the fact that you value your local customers. This means setting up a stall and handing out information about your business, specifically what it does for the community. You should also consider offering discounts and coupons to all people who can provide evidence of living in your local area.


Set up loyalty programs


Carrying on in that essence, you should set up loyalty programs for all the customers that can prove that they live in your business’s local area. One route that you can take in this instance is to offer different levels of rewards based on how close your customers live in proximity to your premises. Failing that; you could also provide different levels of discounts based on how many times customers visit your premises.


Work on your SEO


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is imperative if you want to boost your presence in local search engine rankings. Quite simply, it is the difference between local residents knowing and not knowing that your business even exists, let alone trades from their area.


To ensure that your local SEO exploits rank you as high as possible, you should:


  • Add locations to meta content
  • Create individual sites for each location that you work from
  • Set up a Google+ business page


If you ever need help with regards to optimising your local SERP rankings, then you should have no qualms in enlisting the help of a professional SEO company, such as This kind of professional would be able to ensure that everything about your online presence helps and never hinders your ability to attract local customers.



If you are able to forge for yourself a large customer base that is comprised of local residents, you will create a strong platform from which your business can grow from going forward.


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