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How to Balance Work and Dating

28th January 2020

With the advent of mobile technology, it has become increasingly difficult to compartmentalise your work and social life. Gone are the days when switching off your computer and heading home meant that all work ceased for the day.

Of course, achieving success in one area shouldn’t mean sacrificing the other, however, it is a balancing act and there are a few practical steps that you should consider to help you achieve the perfect balance. After all, studies have shown that people in a thriving relationship not only live longer but earn more money in business and get promoted more frequently.

Set Aside Regular Time for Dating

This is key and has helped many a failing relationship get back on track. Whether it’s a weekly dinner date, an activity or outing or even just time relaxing at home, this should be a moment which is about the two of you. Switch off your mobile phone and focus solely on your other half, giving them all your attention. It’s best not to talk about work during this time or even think about it. Use this time for yourself as well as your relationship.

Set Out Defined Boundaries

Just as work shouldn’t interfere with your love life, the same is true the other way around.  Make sure that your partner understands that while you are at work, your focus must be on the job in hand and you won’t always be around to respond to messages or take calls. When setting boundaries, it’s best to close messaging apps to avoid being sporadic in your responses and increase your productivity.  

Make Your Love Life Your Number One Priority

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t have time for a love life while engaging in demanding careers, but the truth is that this area of your life is key to feeling happy and fulfilled, and neglecting it really isn’t an option. For those already in a relationship, your other half should always feel that they are your main priority. Anything less and your relationship will head towards the rocks. For those seeking love and looking to start relationships, turn to dating advice sites like to streamline your efforts and help you find your perfect partner.

Get Your Partner On-Board

Involving your partner in your dreams and aspirations can help them to feel some of the enthusiasm that you already have for your job. Make them a part of your journey by opening up to them about what you want to achieve and involve them in your five-year plan. Make your successes something you share together so they can support you through your career path.

Say No to Phones in Bed

It’s a mood killer, simple as that, and your physical relationship is a vital part of your partnership. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a total no work zone, where even after the busiest of days you can come together and focus on each other. Leave the phones in another room to avoid any temptation.

Communication is Key

Don’t let your relationship fall victim to poor communication. Even taking thirty seconds to quickly scribble down a note saying ‘I love you’ and leaving it in your partner’s coat pocket for them to find later can make a world of difference. A text message while you wait for the coffee machine or a quick call in your lunch break can remind your other half that they are valuable to you.  

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