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How to Choose the Best Wireless Headphones

25th July 2018

So the world of headphones has exploded over the last 5 years, big brands have taken big slices of the marketplace and have been smart with their collaborations and marketing spend to build in a huge aspirational drive to own these items.

Meanwhile certain manufacturers have been concentrating on a more efficient, useable product development strategy and some have been producing some real winner products.

One of the best we have seen is the Padmate wireless earbuds, in particular the X13-PAMU model.  Here is an excellent example of product design that not only solves many of the problems around modern headphone technology but also delivers fantastic sound, durability and reliability too.

Packaging of the product is excellent with the Padmate coming in a pretty small well designed box, everything in its place.  The product itself is very ergonomic and feels good quality.

The innovative sliding door top reveals the actual earbuds and this container also acts as the charger for the unit too so everything is very well self contained, easy to use and zero tangle mess.

The biggest challenge that this review was going to have was how easy it was to pair these units with the phone I was playing music from and the good news is it was VERY easy indeed in fact one click and done!! I was pretty shocked as in the past with other products I have had awful problems trying to get the product paired through Bluetooth with the phone and in some cases have actually given up.  So that is a very big win for padmate and Im so pleased the engineers of this product have taken this issue seriously and have made it work so seamlessly.

I was very surprised by the sound quality of these units, I live next to the atlantic ocean and most of my external walks are along the coast, I have to contend with water spray as well as the sound of the waves interfering with the output of the earbuds.  With both of these instances the earbuds perform fantastically well – firstly they are water resistant and I know this is true also with salt water as they have been covered in it on my walks, secondly the sound quality of these earbuds is very surprising, normally with these types of earphones there is a loss of bass but with the Padmates there is exceptional deep bass with no loss of mids and highs either.

One more thing I noticed with these earbuds is how comfortable they are to wear for longer periods. I wore them for a full charge of just over 3 hours and forgot I was actually wearing them.

So overall this is an exceptional new product to the market, talking as someone that has over 15 different pairs of headphones I am very impressed indeed with the padmate product and would recommend that these form a part of any serious headphone user’s collection as much as they are perfect for someone wanting a low hassle great quality product to use whilst walking the dog.

Padmate’s website can be found here -


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