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How to Create a Cosy Living Room

7th November 2018

A comfy and cosy living room is an essential element of the perfect home. There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day and relaxing in your dream living room, especially in the colder months. The ideal room to hide away from the outside chill, a warm and welcoming living room is the perfect sanctuary to put your feet up and sip on your hot chocolate. If you’re looking at your living room and have decided that now is the time for a rethink and overhaul, then you are probably looking for ideas on how to achieve the ultimate in welcoming spaces. Here’s where to start.


Aim for neutral


Although colour trends come and go, the popularity of neutral colours is everlasting. They allow you to create the ambience that you want, with those neutral colours acting as a base for the rest of your design plan. Look at soft greys and deep, warm browns. These will work as a fantastic foundation for your furniture and the accessories that you choose to complete the look.


Go intimate


It doesn’t matter how much space you have to play with; creating zones of intimacy can transform the personality of any room. Your living room is no different, so look at ways to integrate a small seating area in front of your fireplace or a reading space by the bookshelves.


Go for the wood look


Wood can be both cosy and sophisticated, and you won’t go far wrong in creating the ultimate in cosy living rooms if you concentrate on this material. You could opt for some elegant wood panelling, but don’t forget your flooring! There are many types and styles of wooden flooring available, but engineered wood can be a beautiful addition to your living room. Talk to professionals at Kens Yard, and your new wooden floors could be the foundation of your new room.


Make it fun


Cosy does not mean boring! Use some playful fabrics to complete the look of any design, and make use of your bookshelves to add a splash of colour to the living space. Those books on the shelves can be the key to adding a touch of creativity to your room. The trick here is not so much elegance as it is obtaining that lived in and used look, and that can often be the most essential ingredient when it comes to relaxing at home.


A bohemian rhapsody


The bohemian look is one that has never gone out of style, and you can achieve it with very little work. Use some rumpled fabrics, and add as many pillows and cushions as you can bear. The aim is to create an environment where every surface is a potential space to sit and relax. Add a cable-knit throw to finish the look with that added touch of warmth that will help keep the low temperatures outside where they belong.


If you want to create the ultimate in cosy living rooms, then accessories are going to be the key. Give some thought to soft lighting and softer throws, and your living room could end up so cosy that you won’t want to leave it until spring finally returns.



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