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How to Create an Awesome Games Room for your Holiday Park

8th July 2020

Typically, families flock to holiday parks as the summer season starts, looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle. When looking for a holiday park to either purchase a caravan in or just to visit for a getaway, families will assess the entertainment options available. Parents want to relax, and having a variety of activity options for their children is a huge selling feature. By creating a games room with fun features and lots of things to do, you can draw families to come and stay in your park. 


1.    Create a classic arcade

Both kids and parents alike love classic arcade games! By adding some retro arcade consoles to your game rooms, you will create a space that families can enjoy together. For the parents, they’ll experience a sense of nostalgia when playing the classics like Pacman or Mortal Combat. For the kids, they will love the chance to play games they’ve never seen before. You can combine the gaming elements with some fun retro features like neon lights and vintage signs to bring the room together.


2.    Make it a themed room

Incorporate a theme into your games room to make it a novelty and a place that is unique from the game’s rooms in other holiday parks. Choose a theme that is universally enjoyed, such as Mario or superheroes. It’s your chance to play around and be bold with design choices that will give your visitors an experience to remember. After all, your games room is a place for entertainment, so make the theme entertaining as well! 


3.    Include different areas 

Since you’ll have many different people visiting your holiday park throughout the season, all with unique interests, it’s a good idea to segment your games room into different areas. Not only will it give people staying in your park more options, but doing so will also cater to the needs of each person. You could have an adult’s area, with a pool table and dartboard, and an area just for the kids with some fun themed games. Having options for the whole family will help to attract visitors to your holiday park. 


4.    Make a sports room

You’d be hard-pressed to meet a family who doesn’t have some interest in sports. Whether they like to play or like to watch, everyone’s got a favourite sport or sports team. Include sports elements into your games room to make it a place everyone can enjoy. Get a foosball table for one side and an air hockey table for the other. Incorporate sports into the design elements with memorabilia from your sports teams, light fixtures and shelf decorations like bobble-heads and signed equipment. You could even include sports-style seating or beanbags shaped like footballs and baseballs.


5.    Get a scoreboard

Games rooms are all about having fun and a little bit of friendly competition. A scoreboard on the wall is not only an impressive design element but can also be used to keep score whenever your guests are playing games. You could use a simple chalkboard or whiteboard which guests can use to keep track of scores while they play games. You can host tournaments in your games room as a way to get guests interacting and use the scoreboard as a way to list out the scores. 


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