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How to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway This Christmas Season

20th November 2018

Romantic getaways are an absolute must any time of the year, but during the Christmas season, they can be absolutely magical. They allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and to forget about the Christmas shopping and the stress that has become the norm of the holiday season around the world. By escaping to a beautiful cottage somewhere in the UK, you can slow down and enjoy Christmas for what it is – the spirit of love and warmth. If you need more help in planning such a getaway, then look no further:


Find a Cottage Perfect for Your Needs

All too often there is some responsibility you have at home that can reduce your ability to travel. Dogs, for example, cannot be left on their own for long periods and you might not have friends nearby who are either capable or have the time to dog sit. Having a furry friend in your life, however, should never mean you cannot go off and enjoy a nice, romantic getaway in a cottage up in Snowdonia. Instead, all you need to do is visit Dog Friendly Cottages and pick from their list of accommodation. This way you can bring your dog, have a romantic getaway, and still enjoy a beautiful cottage all to yourselves.


Narrow Down Your Search Based on Location

Once you have a full list of places that cater to your needs, it is time to choose based on the location. Look up things to do in the area, where to eat, if there are hiking opportunities and if there are any events. If you are travelling during the Christmas season, put particular attention on all the Christmas-related fun there is in the area. From Christmas lights to parades, to shopping and markets. By narrowing your choice and selecting the option that will help you have the best Christmas getaway you cannot go wrong.


Try to Stay Offline

It can be so tempting to share your experience online, but for the sake of your romantic getaway try to stay offline as much as possible. Take as many photos and videos as you like, for sure, but try to stay off social media and definitely do not post while you are on the trip itself. This will only distract you, especially if you have posted something. We all feel the need for validation, and once you post something about your trip, it could be hard to resist checking in on how it is being received.


Stay Healthy

Though Christmas is notorious for expanding waistlines left, right, and centre doesn’t mean that it has to. You can stay healthy during this season, and actually enjoy more of it because you put effort into what you eat and whether or not you get enough exercise.



Tips for Gifts

Though the gifts you give will be entirely personal to yourselves, do try to reduce the amount of waste that is involved in the practice. So much wrapping paper and associated  waste is produced during this period, and by being more sustainable, you can actually end up giving a more beautifully wrapped present. So, choose recyclable and reusable materials, and enjoy the moment your partner opens their gift.


Romantic getaways are great for your relationship and to help you get a break from your home life. They encourage people to bond together, whether their relationship is a few months old or a few decades. Just ensure that your accommodation has everything that you need, and get packing!


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