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How To Get Over The New Year Blues

6th November 2018

It’s the same thing every year. We spend weeks preparing for the Christmas festivities, and it’s all over within a couple of days. Then, we have New Year celebrations, resolutions to make and keep, plus the cold days and short daylight hours mean we might not feel as chirpy as usual. No wonder most of us feel in a slump during early January! Well, don’t fret this year. Here are some tips on how to get over the New Year blues!

Try a New Hobby

Get yourself out of the mid-winter doldrums by learning something new, such as a new hobby. Take up knitting, salsa dancing or sign up for cookery school, anything that will teach you something new. When you learn new things, it helps keep your mind sharp, and you will naturally feel happier. You will also get the benefits of socialising with other like-minded people, and you could make some new friends too!

Change your Focus

When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, it helps to change your focus. Instead of dwelling on how you are unsatisfied with aspects of your life, think about the things that you are grateful for. The things that are really important to most of us, such as family, a roof over our heads and food to eat are often taken for granted. Appreciate the things you have in your life, and this will put you in a positive frame of mind that sticks with you every day.

Book a Winter Holiday

If you find the short daylight hours are getting you down, you’re not alone. Many people feel less joyful in the winter time, and while it could just be a case of the winter blues, for some the condition is worse. SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is a condition that shows as depressive episodes that happen due to a lack of daylight. Treatment includes light therapies or medication.

If New Year winter blues feel too much, booking cheap holidays to sunnier places can give you a new lease of life, and give you that boost of sunshine to refresh your body and mind.

Make your Resolutions Manageable

One way to avoid New Year blues is to set yourself realistic resolutions that you will be able to keep. For example, you might want to change to a healthy lifestyle, but going all out from day one might be too much to manage - leaving you more likely to slip up and fail. Instead, achieve your goals in realistic increments. So, you might decide that for the first month of the new year you’re going to focus on cutting out unhealthy foods, then once healthy eating has become a habit, move on to your next healthy goal. By taking it slowly, you will see your achievements grow, be able to stick with your plan, and feel good about yourself.


New Year is a time to celebrate and reflect upon the year and bring focus on the future. Take time to appreciate the good things in life, make an effort to care for yourself as well as loved ones, and you’ll find those New Year blues turn a shade or two brighter.

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