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How to Improve Your Great British Pub

18th February 2019

The great British pub is integral to the nation’s culture. Sadly, following the recession, many much-loved establishments up and down the country were forced into closure. However, a stronger economy, management perseverance and customer loyalty have led to the survival of many pubs across the nation.

If you want to ensure many customers continue to walk through your doors throughout the years, read the following tips on how to improve your great British pub.

Spruce Up Your Space

Damaged furniture, stained carpets and dull décor will make your punters want to head back out the door. Ensure you continually attract many customers by routinely sprucing up your establishment.

For example, replace old, worn furniture with stylish, durable pieces, such as cool bar stools, stylish armchairs, comfortable sofas, and outdoor rattan furniture. You can find the best items for your pub at, such as modern bar stools and chic scaffolding tables.

Host Events to Increase Footfall

To ensure your pub is full to the brim every night of the week, consider hosting events each day. For example, different days could be dedicated to:

  • Live music
  • Karaoke
  • A pool or darts league
  • Psychic evenings
  • A disco (Hire a DJ)
  • Games night (Quizzes, bingo, etc.)
  • Raffles

While all the above can cost money, they could potentially help you to generate a greater ROI.

Promote Your Pub Online

While the great British pub might be traditional in nature, there is no reason why you cannot promote your establishment using less traditional marketing tactics.

For example, spread the good word about your business by launching social media profiles for your business. For example, you can run paid Facebook or Instagram advertisements, which can target potential customers across your local area. It is the perfect way to ensure an event sells out or local residents take advantage of a limited offer at your pub, such as 2-4-1 cocktails or an after-work happy hour.

Also, as launching a dedicated website can be expensive and time-consuming, you should encourage your punters to kindly rate your pub on the following sites:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Beer in the Evening
  • The Great Food Guide
  • The Good Pub Guide
  • Yelp

It could potentially improve your reputation across your town or city, which could help you to gain more customers throughout the years. Tourists are also more likely to eat at your establishment.

Always Listen to Your Customers’ Feedback

Your customers will not only be your pub’s biggest ambassadors, but they can also be your biggest critics. Many will have opinions about your operations, décor or product range, which could help you to improve your business.

For this reason, you must take the time to get to know your punters. Engage them in conversation when it is quiet to increase their loyalty and to find out where they think you are going right or wrong. They will also feel flattered that you value their feedback, which could secure their future custom.

There might also be times when a customer offers unsolicited feedback. Rather than dismissing their opinions, take the time to listen to their thoughts or criticisms, as they could be saying what everyone else is thinking.

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