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How to Keep Your Workforce Happy

16th March 2020

Recruiting the top talent for your business is not an easy task, but it’s crucial to your business’s success. Employees are the greatest asset of any company. If you get the recruitment right, you are destined for a great future; make a mistake, and your business’s reputation is at risk.

Once you have gathered the best team, it’s now up to you to keep them happy and motivated in the workplace. Workplace happiness is a critical driver in efficiency and productivity, so just how do you keep your workforce happy?

A pleasant working environment

If you are spending most of your waking hours in a workspace, you deserve it to be pleasant. Your employees do not want to work in a dingy, dark office. Nobody does. The ideal space has natural light and ventilation and is clean and tidy.

Pleasant does not stop at the aesthetics of an office.

Your employees need to have the right equipment to be able to do their tasks to a high standard. Ergonomically designed furniture should be the norm to show employees you value their wellbeing. If your computers are outdated and your software is from the last millennium, it’s time to upgrade.

Room for growth

If employees can see that they have a future with your business, they are more likely to give it 100%. With promotion comes a higher salary for your employees, but the more powerful motivator is the sense that they are professionally respected. When employees can see an opportunity, they shift their perception of the role from a job into a career.  

Recognize achievements

Do you remember getting a special mention from a teacher in class for some work you did? How did it make you feel? Bursting with pride is probably your reply. Just because people are adults and in jobs, they still respond positively to having hard work recognized. If efforts are appreciated, it acts as a huge motivator to continue to work hard, and it fuels job satisfaction.

How employers reward the achievements of their employees varies. Whether it’s acknowledging contributions in an e-mail or thanking them privately, showing people gratitude is powerful. For department efforts, an away day from the office for the team at a place like this is light relief for everyone but also has excellent potential to boost team performance further. A win-win situation for everyone.

Allow flexibility

The technology that people can access means that many jobs can be fulfilled through remote working. This means that some of your employees could work from home during the working week. Don’t worry. Research has shown that the productivity of homeworkers is not affected.

If you are unable to provide the option of working from home, flexibility in the hours worked is an attractive alternative. If staff are present between core hours, it is up to them when they complete their contracted hours. Flexible working helps employees gain the work-life balance and is family-friendly.

The longer you can retain talent in your business, the better it is for growth. These dedicated and committed employees know your business inside and out and are instrumental to its success. A happy workplace is a profitable workplace.

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