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How to Plan the Perfect UK Holiday

4th December 2018

If you’ve decided to ditch the overseas holiday for a stay-at-home break, you’re probably thinking the planning is going to be easy. Travelling abroad is not always as pleasurable as it should be, especially when you’re travelling with kids. There’s the long wait at the airport, having to learn a new language, vaccinations, and currency to think about as well as the worry about local customs. The perfect alternative is a staycation and here are some tips to help ensure it’s the best holiday yet.


Day Trips

Staying in the UK provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore some of the local areas where you’re staying. You’re going to be confident at getting around by car, plus public transport shouldn’t be a problem because there are plenty of UK travel apps to help you. What’s more, you speak the language, meaning there’s no barrier to asking the locals for some advice either. Find out what’s available in the area before you get there, and you’ll have a better time.


Don’t Worry About Taking Too Much Luggage

This is certainly applicable if you’re driving because there is often plenty of space! There are no weight or size limits when you travel by public transport either, although you are slightly limited because you’ve got to carry it. When you’re holidaying in the UK, feel free to pack all the essentials and don’t forget to squeeze in some of those luxury items.


Enjoy Eating Out

Staying at a UK location means you can sample the delights of the local cuisine without worrying about it upsetting your stomach. You’re on holiday, so why not make the most of eating out? There’s nothing more relaxing than having a meal cooked for you and not having to worry about tidying up or doing the washing up.


Enjoy the Local Scenery

The UK has some varied scenery, and you’re bound to find something you like. It could be the sweeping mountain landscape of Scotland, the rolling hills of the Dales, the waterways of the Norfolk Broads or the sandy beach, breath-taking dunes and wildlife of Camber Sands beach.


Limit Your Internet Time

We’re becoming more dependent on our mobile devices so for this staycation, consider limiting your internet time. If you’re a business owner, there are going to be emails to catch up on, and your kids are going to want to stay in touch with friends using social media. Limit everyone’s internet usage to half an hour or an hour every day and enjoy each other’s company for a change.


Make Use of Coupons

There are many ways you can save money on your UK staycation, and one is to keep an eye out for the latest offers. UK attractions have regular special offers, and you’ll find these in local newspapers and magazines. Another popular location to advertise special offers is on the back of cereal boxes.


Pick the Right Time to Travel

If you haven’t got any kids, the best time to travel is out of season. That means not in the summer holidays, bank holidays or at peak times. March to May and September to November are the best times for a staycation.  

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