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How to Plan Your Best Trip Yet

16th August 2018

Travelling is so much fun; it doesn’t even matter if you travel alone or with friends. What does matter, however, is how you plan. You need to book early not only to get the best deals but to ensure everyone is going and is also happy – or at least you pay your share and no one else’s. You also need to plan wisely and prepare for every eventuality. Thankfully, the more you prepare, the more fun you will have and the longer the benefits of travel last. All you need to do is follow this guide to make your next trip your best yet.


How to Plan So All Your Friends Come

One of the most frustrating aspects of planning a trip is when you make plans with your friends and everyone bails, leaving you to pay for a bill much higher than you were anticipating. Rather than deal with this, get people committed from the start. Don’t pay for anything, split it right from the start. Find the flight deals and get them together on the same day. Don’t talk about it for ages, book it. When money is on the line, and the tickets are not refundable, you will find that most if not all of your friends will prioritise your trip from the start.


How to Create the Perfect Itinerary

Over-planning is not a good idea, but at the same time, you do want to be aware of all the things you can do, see, and where you should eat. Instead of creating a timetable of what you need to do and when, create a list of experiences you can do and when may be the best times to do or see them. That way you can pick and choose on the day what you feel like doing; therefore, everyone can have their say. For those who are travelling with a group of friends, you need to allow everyone to have a say in what they would like to see and experience. If half of the group want to go skydiving but the other half don’t, then split the group for half the day so that everyone can do whatever they please without much hassle.


Note: If you have events or reservations, prioritise those. You won’t want to be too tired at the end of the day to enjoy it.


Get Checked Beforehand

Before you travel, you need to ensure you’re in the best health possible. Head to your doctors and speak to them. Ask whether you need any medication, vaccinations, and have them check out your health while you’re there. What’s more, you should visit the dentist for a general wellbeing check, as losing a tooth or being plagued with dental issues while you are away can ruin your trip completely. If you have an emergency and are due to leave the UK soon, practices such as the Life Dental and Wellbeing clinic, can help ensure any issues are sorted before you board your plane.

Now, if you are travelling within the UK or to Europe, chances are you will already be covered medically and ready to go, but if you travel outside of these areas, it is key that you get travel insurance. Going to the doctor in America, even for an easy fix like an ear infection, could leave you with a medical pill of thousands of dollars that you will have to pay. Never risk your health, but don’t break the bank either.


Plan early, plan smart, and you will have your best trip yet. Just remember not to over plan so that you can enjoy a spontaneous, fulfiling trip!

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