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How to set up an independent vehicle recovery business

27th March 2020

While there are plenty of generic guides on how to set up a business, there is a surprising lack of information for those that are interested in setting up their own vehicle recovery business. As a service that can see high demand, a well-planned recovery business can find customers from a wide range of private customers and businesses. The best thing about starting a vehicle recovery business is that you only need to have one vehicle to begin with, and expansion has never been easier with the right foundation and an awareness of basic marketing. If you want to work for yourself and vehicle recovery sounds ideal, here's the information that you need.


The Plan

All business ideas need a business plan. Take your time to build your business plan so that it covers as much as possible. Know the risks and the startup costs, as well as any expected ongoing expenses and potential risks. You should also research any local competitors and identify what kinds of services they offer so that you can identify your own unique selling points.


The Equipment

You're going to need a vehicle, but you're also going to need some equipment as well. Essentials are going to include tow ropes and hazard cones, but don't forget the importance of making sure that your towing vehicle is suitable for the role. Make sure that your towing vehicle has the appropriate amber rotating beacons for easy identification, and that you have considered exactly where you'll be parking your vehicle overnight. 


The Law

As well as the legal requirements needed to start any business, you will also need to ensure that you follow the guidelines as laid out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Make your way through the guide that's available so that you have a clear understanding of licensing, record keeping, and the laws regarding how long you can work without a rest break. There can be a lot of rules to follow, but the more you know about the law the easier it will be to avoid falling foul of it. Don't forget to sign up for the right insurance cover as well.


The Marketing

Local businesses often think that marketing is all about putting up flyers or advertising in the local paper. However, the internet has changed the game of marketing for all business models. For your auto-recovery business, make sure that you have a dedicated website, a social media presence, and some understanding of what SEO is and how it benefits you. Don't forget to fill out your listing on Google My Business so that any locals looking for auto-recovery in an emergency will be more likely to find you. Online visibility is essential, and your business will be far more likely to succeed if you learn a little about digital marketing.


Take the time to build the right foundation, and you could find that your new business becomes more successful than you ever believed possible. While launching any kind of new business comes with inherent risks, the demand for auto-recovery and the benefits of the digital landscape could mean that you are up, running, and earning a profit while avoiding many of the traditional dangers of a business launch.

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